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from zero to ouch

From Zero to Ouch…

It’s odd how “themes” come and go in waves. This week I’ve been hit with multiple situations where someone asking about personal training had either

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exercising in the heat

Exercising In The Heat

Exercise is important for a healthy body, but working out in the heat can be downright dangerous if you don’t take adequate precautions. Here are

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how to put on muscle

How To Put On Muscle

Not everyone who hires a personal trainer is looking to lose weight! Sometimes people seek out professional training in order to put on muscle. Gaining

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muscle after age 50

Muscle After Age 50

It is possible to regain muscle after age 50, although it’s a lot harder than it is in your 20’s! Muscle loss and osteoporosis are

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weight loss myths

Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths Weight loss advice is everywhere on the internet, but too many are just weight loss myths. There are opinions everywhere, and many

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