About Basics and Beyond

If you’re looking for an expert personal trainer in Nashville, you’ve come to the right place.
Why would you trust your body with anyone else?
You want the best personal trainers in Nashville, don’t you?

How It Works

We’ve got a lot of options for you in order to make personal training and nutrition both convenient and affordable.

  • Basics and Beyond is different because we are PEOPLE, not a PLACE. We’ve accumulated the very best fitness training talent in Nashville, and we use other people’s gyms to work with our clients. We have arrangements with several training facilities in Nashville, Berry Hill, Franklin, and Antioch, so chances are you can see your personal trainer at a location that’s convenient to you. We also offer in-home training and virtual sessions if you’d rather not go to a gym.

  • If you’re considering a personal trainer, the first step is to schedule a phone call with Dan DeFigio, the director of Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition. In order for you to have success, it’s very important that you get set up with the right trainer. You and Dan will discuss your needs, your goals and struggles, your location, your budget, your likes and dislikes, and everything else to make sure that you have everything you need for success.

  • Prices depend on who you work with, and where, and what kind of services you participate in. Please don’t bother sending an email asking what “it” costs, because we won’t know what to tell you until we figure out what you need. You have to speak to a human first 🙂

  • After you and Dan make some plans, your new trainer will call you to schedule your first appointment. Easy!

  • Speaking of easy, we don’t require any packages, contracts, or memberships. You can just pay as you go. No commitments, no worries, nothing to “sign up for.”

About Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition

We realize that trying to figure out the proper exercise and diet plan for yourself can be complicated and confusing, and that’s why it is suggested that you receive professional guidance. Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition provides you with the very best in personal training and nutrition services. That is why we have kept a stellar reputation of success and professionalism since 1993!

All personal trainers on the Basics and Beyond team have personally studied under the tutelage of our director. All are nationally certified fitness professionals. Your personal trainer will help you with strength training and conditioning, cardiovascular issues, nutritional guidance, flexibility, post-injury exercise, and everything else you need in order to reach your fitness goals. If you are ready for a change in your life, help is on the way!


Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition is Nashville’s leading personal training service that offers award-winning service in personal fitness training, nutrition counseling, and physical therapy. We provide strength and fitness programs, weight loss programs, nutrition services, group exercise, and corporate wellness programs.

Since its establishment in 1993, this Nashville personal training company has remained dedicated to providing the highest level of safe and effective health and fitness services to our clients. We are committed to providing the very best services available by utilizing the most current techniques and research in fitness and exercise science, sports medicine, and nutrition science.

You’ll get the best personal trainers in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Antioch TN. And no gym membership is required!

There are two main reasons that choosing Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition as your personal training service provider is the obvious choice:

1.The best personal trainers are people, not a place.

Basics and Beyond is a collection of hand-picked fitness experts, not a place. Our personal trainers can work with you at many different exercise facilities in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch, or in your home. We use other people’s gyms and training studios to work with our clients, so we can put our time and attention into YOU instead of running a fitness facility. This way you can have access to the best personal trainers in Nashville in a location convenient to you.

2. Everything you need from one trusted source.

The exercise and nutrition professionals on the Basics and Beyond team are all career professionals with years of experience. This powerhouse team of trainers has been hand-picked and trained under the tutelage of Dan DeFigio, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on exercise, health, and nutrition (you may have seen Dan on CNN’s Fit Nation, The Dr. Phil Show, or in SELF magazine, About.com, or Woman’s World). You deserve better than just “some trainer” at your local gym! Why would you risk your body with someone unknown?

Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition supplies you with all your exercise and nutrition needs — personal training, exercise classes, physical therapy, nutrition plans and products — everything you’ll need to succeed, all from one qualified provider.

You will not find a more experienced, highly-qualified team of trainers anywhere. We have a proven track record with thousands of clients over more than two decades. Why would you trust your body with anyone else?

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Training

If you’re seeking personal training in Nashville (or the surrounding area), our personal trainers work with clients at multiple locations in Nashville, Berry Hill, Franklin, and Antioch. We can also do in-home training if you prefer.

We do not own a gym. We use existing facilities (where you do not have to have a gym membership) so we can concentrate on you! Call 615-442-7700 to find out which location would be most convenient for you: Green Hills, Cool Springs, Downtown, Music Row, The Gulch, Berry Hill, Antioch and Nippers Corner, Hickory Hollow, or in your home.

Personal training fees range from $25 to $125 per session, depending on which trainer is selected, the location of the workouts, and whether you book a 30 or 60-minute session. We do not require any packages or contracts — you may pay as you go. The optional online nutrition coaching service comes at a small addition cost, but we give a big discount to our personal training clients if you’d like to add it. P.S. You should!

No, we have special arrangements with the facilities that we utilize so our customers do not have to purchase gym memberships. No contracts, no packages, nothing to “sign up” for.

Contact Dan DeFigio, Director, at 615-442-7700, or by email (don’t forget to include your phone number). The two of you will discuss all the details of your particular situation, and together you can decide what will work best for you. Click here to meet the trainers!

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