Nutrition Counseling

Your eating plan will determine the success of your weight loss attempts. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that many people are confused about how they should be eating for long-term weight loss. Sick of yo-yo dieting? Talk to the expert

Here’s what you’ll get with the nutrition coaching system

  • Dan’s Healthy HABITS series – baby steps to guaranteed
    weight loss success
  • Healthy meal plan
  • All Dan’s products (like the popular Sugar Free Me)
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Daily answers to your questions and problems
  • Exercise tips and instruction videos
  • Q+A sessions with Dan DeFigio
  • Interviews with health and wellness experts
Personal training in Bellevue

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You can get this nutrition counseling as a separate service, or if you live in the Nashville area, you’ll get a special price if you’re a personal training client.

Meet the Trainers

If you prefer face-to-face nutrition counseling in Nashville, the following experienced professionals are available to assist you:

Maria Bascetta

Dan Defigio

What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Priscilla SAmazing and Incredibly Helpful!

“After that AMAZING and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL session yesterday (THANK YOU!!), I have decided to commit to coming every other week. Thank you again for helping me so much. Have a wonderful weekend!”


“Alison is a wonderful trainer. She is knowledgeable,patient, motivating and fun. She knows just how to push me without me realizing that I'm out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend her!”

Bob M.Very valuable

“We highly value our trainer Alison. We appreciate the equipment, the variety of exercises available, and the friendliness of all the trainers. It is also valuable to have Dan's advice available when needed!”

Kasey A. via FacebookA wonderful group of trainers!

“Basics and Beyond is a wonderful group of trainers. Dan is awesome and does great with pairing you with just the right trainer. It's been a wonderful body changing experience! I highly recommend a consultation!”

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