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If you’re looking for a nutritionist in Nashville, here is our most popular weight loss tool:

nutritionist nashville

Your eating plan will determine the success of your weight loss attempts. That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that many people are confused about how they should be eating for long-term weight loss. Sick of yo-yo dieting? Talk to the expert:

Whatever you do most of the time, that’s what’s “normal” for you. If you want to lose weight for good and make permanent changes in your lifestyle, you have to change what you usually do. You have to create a New Normal.
-Dan DeFigio

Here’s what you’ll get with Dan DeFigio’s GOLD nutrition coaching system:

  • Dan’s Healthy HABITS series — baby steps to guaranteed weight loss success
  • Heathy meal plans
  • All Dan’s products (like the popular Sugar Free Me)
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Daily answers to your questions and problems
  • Exercise tips and instruction videos
  • Q+A sessions with Dan DeFigio
  • Interviews with health and wellness experts

You can get this nutrition counseling as a separate service, or if you live in the Nashville area, you’ll get a special price if you’re a personal training client.

Stop the struggle! Contact Dan for pricing, or leave a message (615) 442-7700 if you have questions.

If you prefer face-to-face nutrition counseling in Nashville, the following experienced professionals are available to assist you:

sports nutritionist nashvilleDan DeFigio is a Certified Sports Nutrition Counselor and the bestselling author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies. Dan is a behavior change expert, and has an amazing track record helping people overcome stress eating and sugar addiction. He is also a nutrition science nerd who can help you with supplement choices, insulin control for diabetics, and family nutrition. Dan’s #1 mission is helping you create a New Normal, so you’re never “on a diet” or an unrealistic food plan.

nutritionist nashville mariaMaria Bascetta has a masters degree in nutrition. She’s an amazing nutrition coach. Maria says, “Focusing on scales and mirrors only strengthens a mind that’s centered around what is wrong. We are all on a unique journey, and we all have a set of perceived barriers blocking our way. I’m here to help you figure out exactly where you are NOW, and what the next steps are to put you on the path to reaching your goals. We’ll focus on your mindset, how you’re eating, your lifestyle, and what well-being truly looks like.”

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