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Your eating plan will determine the success of your weight loss attempts. That’s a fact. It’s also a
fact that many people are confused about how they should be eating for long-term weight loss.
Sick of yo-yo dieting? Talk to the experts!

All of the Basics and Beyond nutrition coaches have college degrees in nutrition, or are certified sports nutrition counselors and health coaches who are ready to help you achieve a healthy, balanced approach to eating that helps you change your relationship with food. If you are located in Nashville or nearby, we’re one of the leading fitness and nutrition coach services near you. If you prefer to work remotely, we do offer online nutrition programs.

Our Philosophy For Healthy Eating

We believe that healthy eating is achieved by finding balance between the science of nutrition, understanding your eating habits, and creating real-life meal plans that you can enjoy and actually stick to.

No strict diets or an unsustainable programs here! With our nutrition plans, you have an active voice in the process. We aim to make sure you have a plan that works for YOUR LIFE — no matter how crazy, stressed out, or flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants it feels.

While we strive to inspire you, motivate you, and provide you with expertise and realistic advice, we understand that accountability is key for a successful nutrition program. Having a nutrition coach is the best way to make sure you stick to the right choices for your body and your health.

Whether you need advice or motivation — or both! — our nutrition coaches are here to help you become your best self.

If you are located in Nashville and searching for a qualified nutritionist or health coach near you, contact us right now!

We offer nutrition coaching both online and in-person in Nashville.

Here are some of the unique offerings from our Nashville nutritionists:

  • Done-for-you Meal Plans and shopping lists every week, so you never have to wonder what you should eat.
  • The Easy ABC Meal Planner, which will give you lots of flexible options when you’re eating out or on the go.
  • Planning Sheets so you can stay organized.
  • A nutrition education series by email – The path to making healthy eating normal!
  • Consistent feedback from your coach for answers your questions, support, and accountability.
  • The online Beating Sugar program, to help you eat less sugar.
  • Easy and delicious recipes to make healthy food fun.
  • A realistic approach, so you don’t get overwhelmed or lost.
  • Special video lessons about stress eating and a successful mindset, so you stay on track.

Best Nutritionist Nashville

Whether you prefer face-to-face nutrition counseling in Nashville, or online nutrition coaching, the following experienced professionals are available to assist you:

Dan DeFigio is a well-known nutrition author who specializes in helping people with stress eating and sugar addiction. If you’re interested in working on WHY you eat, Dan is your man!

Korab Idrizi is a certified nutrition coach, and currently finishing his doctorate in psychology.

Jon Brown is a certified Nutritional Coach with the #1 rated Precision Nutrition.


“Effective nutrition coaching is based on a client-centered approach because everyone has their own abilities and reasons for change. We all have our own limits, beliefs, preferences, backstories, and motivations, so it is impossible to have ‘standard’ advice to give everyone across the board. Your unique abilities, reasons, and motivations will become our secret weapons that can help us identify your own individual problems. And then—more excitingly…

we will be able to come up with SOLUTIONS TO YOUR OWN PROBLEMS.”

Libby Carlson is a certified wellness coach, and also holds a Masters degree in psychology.


“While you are not a butterfly, you do transform over a lifetime, and it is just as amazing. You are just as complex and adaptable, just as entwined with and affected by your environment, and just as capable of magical transformation!”

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