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    If you’re seeking a personal trainer in Nashville, Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition delivers the very best in personal training, exercise classes, and nutrition counseling. Our personal trainers specialize in helping people lose weight, tone up, and improve their health with functional fitness and healthy nutrition. We are people, not a place — you can have your pick of many existing gyms and personal training studios in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch, or we can do in-home training. We create successful, safe, and fun workout programs to fit each individual.

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    One-on-one personal training if you wish, or you can bring a friend or family member for buddy workouts.


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    Nutrition counseling in person, or online. Diet plans for weight loss, osteoporosis, diabetes, and more!


    personal trainer locations nashville brentwood franklin antioch
    Personal training and group exercise classes in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch — in a gym, or in your home!


    Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Exercise Classes

    Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition offers the very best in personal training, nutrition counseling, exercise classes, and physical therapy for all fitness levels. We work with everyone from overweight couch potatoes to celebrities. Our personal trainers in Nashville will work with you to lose weight, improve muscle tone and strength, improve your flexibility, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and help get you in the best shape of your life! Telephone Dan DeFigio, Director, for details at 615-386-0434, or click on the “Request Information” button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Our Personal Trainers

    top rated nashville personal trainersOur certified personal trainers are members of The American Council on Exercise & The National Strength and Conditioning Association ,the National Federation of Professional Trainers, the ISSA, and other internationally-respected exercise organizations. Personal trainer Nashville. Since 1993, this personal training company has been dedicated to providing safe and effective health and fitness services to our clients. We are committed to providing the very best fitness services available by utilizing the most current techniques and research in fitness and exercise science, sports medicine, and nutrition science. We guarantee that your exercise experience with our trainers will be better than any you have ever had! We offer a vast range of options, so we can almost always suit your needs and your budget. Our personal trainers can work with you at many different locations in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch, or in your home. No gym membership is required!

    What Our Happy Personal Training Clients Have To Say

    First and foremost I wanted to let you know that Jess Wilson is the absolute greatest! She's a great motivator and works me much harder than I would myself, yet never makes me feel self-conscious or intimidated. She has tremendous expertise, she's delightful, and her energy level is contagious. Thanks so much for choosing her as my personal trainer! 

    The absolute greatest!

    My trainer is awesome. He understands how to tailor workouts to address very specific needs. No cookie cutter programs -- he addresses the whole person, from nutrition to workout plan. You will not be disappointed. I have had several trainers due to job moves, and he is by far the best I have come across -- and I have had some good ones!

    The best I have come across

    Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition has been voted one of the best for physical therapy in Nashville:

    Voted top 20 for physical therapy in Nashville

    Sam is incredible. He listened to questions I had about knee issues, and also about what I wanted to accomplish. He explains everything I do and works constantly on my form. He is knowledgeable about a lot more than I expected. Seriously, he is phenomenal. I feel very lucky on such a limited budget to have someone like him. Thank you!

    Sam is amazing

    I've gotten to work with Twon twice and will be meeting him again tomorrow morning. He is a very good trainer and he's making sure I'm comfortable with the exercises (I'm 68).  He has a very caring and positive personality and I'm looking forward to working with him 3 days a week!

    Very caring and positive personality

    Basics and Beyond is a wonderful group of trainers. Dan is awesome and does great with pairing you with just the right trainer. It's been a wonderful body changing experience! I highly recommend a consultation!

    A wonderful group of trainers!

    Kasey A. via Facebook

    I have received training and nutritional/health guidance from Basics and Beyond, and just want to say that I have never experienced anything like this before. Everyone on staff, from the trainer/director Dan DeFigio to my trainers Jon and Andy, are top notch. They don't care about the money but care about YOU. I have fibromyalgia, and they carefully developed a fitness plan and guidance that has helped me on the road to fitness -- something that no one else has been able to do. I cannot recommend them enough. Just go will be glad you did!

    I have never experienced anything like this before

    Jill R.

    My trainer goes above and beyond the standard "training" session every time we meet. He has a genuine, personal interest and investment in his clients getting better and reaching their goals. I am so grateful for our work together and how much improvement I have already gained. I have accomplished more in regards to mobility, pain reduction, problem identification/conceptualization, and actual improvement than I had during my entire time in physical therapy. If you are someone who is looking for above and beyond personal training, this is absolutely the way to go!

    Better than physical therapy

    Heather K

    After that AMAZING and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL session yesterday (THANK YOU!!), I have decided to commit to coming every other week. Thank you again for helping me so much. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Amazing and Incredibly Helpful!

    Priscilla S.

    Lauren is AMAZING!!! I really enjoy her workouts and she is wonderful at gradually increasing the intensity of the workouts allowing me to adjust and stay encouraged. I always get a great workout with her! I wish I could get even more workouts during the week -- She is the perfect match!

    I wish I could get more!

    Anika B.

    I work with Dan and Adam at Basics and Beyond. I came after some serious health issues after the past few years. They have been kind and patient while pushing me to reach my goals. If you are looking for a GREAT trainer stop looking and call Basics and Beyond!

    Great trainers!

    Jay O.

    We have been working out with Basics & Beyond for several years. We highly value our trainer Alison. We appreciate the equipment, the variety of exercises available, and the friendliness of all the trainers. It is also valuable to have Dan's advice available when needed!

    Very valuable

    Bob M.

    My life has changed so much thanks to my personal trainer. He helps with exercise and nutrition, and has helped me overcome lots of physical obstacles. I love the fact that Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition gives me one-stop shopping for all my health and wellness needs!

    Changed my life

    Jan R.

    I sought out Basics and Beyond looking for a trainer to help me develop an exercise program. I have found so much more. Dan has done a fantastic job helping me with stretches for pain that I've been experiencing with my foot. He paired me with Amy Lamb for training. She has been kind and encouraging and works to find exercises that work for me. I went into this highly resistant to any kind of nutrition counseling. However, Dan has done a wonderful job gently nudging me in that direction. For the first time in two decades, I am on the right track to better health and fitness. I highly recommend the team at Basics and Beyond!

    Testimonial by Our Client Jody M for Getting Fit

    Dan Defigio is the best at what he does. I had lower back and posture problems, which prevented me from doing regular exercise. I sought out Dan as my last resort, and with his expertise and patience, he has changed my life. Dan truly cares about getting you healthy and has a contagious passion for fitness and nutrition, that will truly transform you to a healthier, better you!

    Will truly transform you

    Thanks to Dan for getting me started and Ben who has patiently been working with me for the past six months, I was able to complete the Women's Half Marathon less than 9 months after a full knee replacement. These guys work with those of us in our late 50's and listen to help you reach your goals. This is the best money I spend on myself!

    Tricia K.

    Alison is a wonderful trainer. She is knowledgeable, patient, motivating and fun. She knows just how to push me without me realizing that I'm out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend her!


    After working out for many years, I found myself facing some unexpected injuries and setbacks. I needed expert help, guidance and support and I found it at Basics and Beyond with Dan DeFigio. Every staff member is serious about helping you be your best, and you will find people of all ages, weights, abilities and/or disabilities working out with their trainers. You feel totally at ease and encouraged while at the same time motivated and accountable in the best way possible. The past 3 years have been the best investment I've ever made for my health and mobility. I highly recommend Basics & Beyond. It's more than an investment in feeling better--it's an investment in living better!

    Testimonial by Our Client Donna M for Getting Fit

    Dan DeFigio is the most knowledgeable trainer and nutrition expert that I've had the pleasure of training with. You can really tell when someone cares about their job. They care about their clientele as well. When I began with Dan around 2 months ago, I had 2 bulging disks in my lower back. I had serious problems walking since

    Testimonial by Our Client Todd L for Getting Fit

    Thanks to Dan who got me started and Ben who has helped me for the past six months I was able to complete a 1/2 Marathon less than 9 months after a full knee replacement. These guys are great and kept me going during the rough times. Many trainers do not pay attention to those of us in our late 50's but these guys can whip you into shape at any age!

    They keep me going!

    I love this place! Everyone is so nice and encouraging. My trainer, Adam Matacale is one of the best! He is very patient and works with me to make sure I am using proper form. Some personal trainers are very strict and yell, but the trainers at Basics and Beyond are there to motivate and encourage you every step. I would recommend Basics and Beyond to anyone out there wanting to get fit in a safe and laid back environment.

    Tiffany P.

    Have had my trainer, Alison, for over two years. She has worked with and supported me through two medical events. She exhibits a confident attitude of support and encouragement that helped get me through the experiences and to continue my goal of keeping my body in "working order". Being an inquisitive and detailed person, I always want to know what it is in my body that makes things work or not work. She always educates me and takes time to explain what is going on so that I understand and can improve on what I am doing in the sessions. Couldn't have made it this far without her!

    Testimonial by Our Client Carol W for Getting Fit

    I called Basics and Beyond after having lived in Nashville for about a year and feeling very uninspired by the trainer that the local national gym chain 'paired' me with. I was pleasantly surprised to get an immediate call back after leaving a message. Dan asked me a bunch of questions about my fitness level and what I was looking for in a trainer, and then based on that information, as well as my location, he matched me with someone he thought would be best. I started training with JB shortly after that and have continued with him to present. It was a great match from the start! I also got a follow-up call and email from Dan to see if I was satisfied. B&B obviously cares that you're getting out of the training what you want and that you have a good fit. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about having a trainer.

    Testimonial by Our Client Tracy M for Getting Fit

    My trainer, Amy Lamb, is the best.  Her dedication helps me be dedicated.  She's OK with "slow and steady wins the race" and her patience with me has given me patience with myself.  Something I've never had.  All you need to not give up on yourself is someone else who won't give up on you, and that's Amy.

    Testimonial by Our Client Gina M for Getting Fit

    Is a Personal Trainer Right For You?

    • Do you have a whole wardrobe that you can’t fit into?
    • Are you self-conscious about your body?
    • Are you intimidated in a gym?
    • Are you confused by exercise equipment? Are you afraid of getting hurt because you don’t know how to exercise correctly?
    • Are you having trouble keeping up with your grandkids? Or even your own children?
    • Are you getting married, or going to a reunion?
    • Did you get a doctor’s report that was scary?
    • Are you looking for a way to make exercise fun? Are you bored with your current routine? Do you HAVE a current routine?
    • Are you embarrassed by your lack of physical abilities?
    • Have you been trying to work out on your own, but are not satisfied with your results?
    • Do you have questions about nutrition? Do you have questions about what kinds of exercises would be best for you?
    • Are you making too many excuses to do other things with your time instead of exercising?
    • Do you need someone to help motivate you to do what you know you should be doing?

    If you said Yes to any of these, you don’t have to do it alone! Call us at 615-442-7700 and tell us how a personal trainer can help you.

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