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nashville personal trainer libby carlson
Nashville personal trainer and nutrition coach Libby Carlson

Hello all, I’m personal trainer Libby Carlson — a certified personal trainer and wellness coach. I’m a health and fitness enthusiast, and feel privileged to share my experience and knowledge with Basics and Beyond’s clients in Nashville! A little background on how I got here…

I started out studying psychology and went on to become a school psychologist. After having a couple of kids, my life became all about parenting and working. Although I’ve reliably found time to exercise no matter my circumstances, I did not always feel, sleep, move, or eat as well as I do now. So if you’re struggling to find the time and energy to take care of yourself while juggling a family and a job, I TOTALLY know where you’re coming from!

Becoming a parent inspired me to study nutrition in depth, and what began as a caretaking instinct turned into a transformative deep-dive into health.

After years of health research and personal work, I decided to turn my passion for training into a career.

My approach to personal training is to focus first on mobility and stability, while progressively and safely building strength.

With a sense of compassion and the ability to work around physical limitations and discomforts, I help clients learn functional exercises that are both relevant to their daily lives and important for their physical goals.

I primarily use free weights, bands, cables, and bodyweight exercises when I train my clients. Most of my workouts are done in standing and kneeling positions, thus improving balance and core strength while burning more calories.

Every session incorporates upper and lower body work, as well as full-body exercises. This keeps your heart rate elevated while resistance training (as opposed to doing an arm day, leg day, etc.), so you get more fitness in a shorter workout.

It’s important to me to start with clients exactly where they are. While this may seem obvious, many of us have an idea of where we “should be,” and feel a sense of disappointment or shame around our actual abilities. As a trainer, I appreciate the process of respectfully accepting where each person is, and then starting on a path together towards sustainable, positive changes.

I believe that fitness is for everyBODY, and that the gym should be a welcoming place of inclusivity and positivity. No matter your background or current health status, exercise leads to immediate benefits as well as long-term wellness.

Future goals are inspiring and important, but just as significant are the immediate mood boosting, confidence building, feel good effects of just one workout!

Exercising and eating well can be challenging and time-consuming, but these are universally worthwhile habits. Actions can change our thoughts, which in turn influence our feelings — an empowering way to view our behavior and emotions!

While feelings can indeed be overwhelming (and lead to regrettable lifestyle choices), we have the power to reverse this. What I love about personal training is that I can provide the motivation, hands on help, and accountability clients need to take ACTION. They begin to think of themselves as healthier, and they feel better, which leads to more movement…a beautiful cycle.

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