Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness speaker Dan DeFigio is the director of Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition, a
health and fitness service based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has 20 years of experience designing
employee wellness programs and speaking at health fairs around the country.

When done right, corporate wellness programs work. According to The Harvard Business Review, companies can expect

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Greater employee engagement and productivity
  • Less unscheduled paid time off
  • Fewer workers’ comp claims
  • Greater employee retention
  • Increased employee satisfaction and morale
  • Q+A sessions with Dan DeFigio
  • Interviews with health and wellness experts
  • Demonstrable competitive advantage

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Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies are increasingly implementing corporate wellness programs in order to improve the overall health of their workers and to increase the bottom line. Companies that have implemented wellness programs are experiencing major benefits — from lower health care costs and reduced absenteeism, to greater productivity, higher morale — and a positive return on investment. Many companies are reporting double digit decreases in sick leave, hospital admissions, disability days and per capita workers compensation costs as a result of their implementation of a corporate wellness program.

Reduced Health Care Costs

Companies who implement wellness programs consistently find that their health care costs are reduced. There is also a significant difference in medical claims between exercising employees and non-exercising employees. RAND Corp found that on average, wellness programs decreased average health care costs by $30 per year per employee.

Fewer Workers Comp Claims

This study (Chapman 2012, Proof Positive. An Analysis of the Cost Effectiveness of Worksite Wellness, Seattle: Chapman Institute) shows a workplace wellness program decreases workers compensation costs more than 40%, and saved $5.81 for every $1 invested in workplace wellness.

Increased Productivity

Medical professionals often recommend regular exercise to their patients as a means to improve one’s ability to perform, reduce stress, and to enhance one’s self-image. These improvements to the individual, and how they relate to improved job performance are sometimes hard to quantify.

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