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Things Every Vegetarian Should Know

How to become vegetarian. Tips for vegetarians. Vegetarian protein. Common vegetarian nutrient deficiencies. Below are many things every vegetarian should know:

Quitting Meat

Giving up meat doesn’t have to be done drastically. You can wean yourself off meat gradually, by reducing the amount of meat you consume and gradually introducing more plant protein sources. Reduce the ground beef in Chili Con Carne, for example, and use more kidney beans. Or, replace some of the meat in your burger patty with tofu.

Vegetable Sources of Protein

vegetarian protein

To help you avoid having boring beans every day and to ensure that…

Nutrition Tips For Working Out

We all want to do whatever possible in order to make the most out of life, and this involves hitting the gym to engage in physical activity to improve our bodies. However, many fail to receive the proper nutrition in order to make the most of their workouts. It can be easy to seek out convenience foods, they’re certainly not difficult to find. Improving your nutrition doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow these six nutrition tips for working out, and you can be on your way to getting the most out of every minute spent at the gym.

nutrition tips for...
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Scientific Ways To Lose Weight

Everyone has some advice about ways to lose weight – your best friend, your coworkers, your mother-in-law, your personal trainer, your yoga instructor. With an overwhelming barrage of information on diet and exercise available at our fingertips from the Internet, this generation should know more about how to lose weight than any other. But are we really any more knowledgeable?

The Lancet reports that worldwide obesity has tripled in males and more than doubled in women. There are actually more overweight people today than there are underweight people! Considering the amount of information we have about nutrition and health, why is the global population…

Easy Ways To Eat Less

We are bombarded by “hidden” messages from all around us that trick us into consuming more than we should. There are easy ways to eat less. Here are tricks to modify your environment and learn to make being slim more of a lifestyle than just a temporary target weight. These tips may surprise you.

Easy Ways To Eat Less

Skinny kitchen counter

A study (Wansink, B., Hanks, A.S., &Kaipainen, K. 2015) was made to determine whether what was on the kitchen counter had some influence on the owner’s body mass index or BMI. Skinny people have fruit on their kitchen counter while people with higher BMI have…

How To Fit Cookies In Your Diet

My mom makes some amazing chocolate fudge oatmeal cookies every Christmas. And you’d better believe I’m going to eat some.

how to fit cookies in your diet

I won’t be making some low-fat, gluten-free, protein-packed, zero-sugar, kale-or-quinoa “healthy” cookies.

I’ll eat the real thing.

Made with sugar.

And chocolate and butter.

The kind of cookie that makes you wipe the crumbs off your face after you eat it.

The kind of cookie a lot of nutrition experts will give you “5 Easy Tips for Avoiding”, like this:

how to fit cookies in your diet

Ending Diet Myths

There’s no magic formula for healthy eating and weight loss. All carbs, proteins, and fats come in good and bad forms. A smart food plan for good nutrition and sustainable weight loss won’t be found in a single “diet” or elusive Ultimate Eating Plan. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard! Below are diet myths you can get out of your head right now:

diet myths

Diet Myth #1:  There is one mythical diet that works; other diets don’t work.

If you have historically eaten like crap (please excuse the technical jargon), and then you start to eat…

Is Fruit Bad For You?

is fruit bad for you?Fruit contains important vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, but its high fructose content can contribute to sugar cravings and weight gain.

Let me be very clear: This does not mean you shouldn’t eat fruit!

Fruit is good for you, and you shouldn’t give it up. Rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach, use this information to make smart fruit choices:

1. Eat protein with carbohydrates (in this case, fruit).

Eating protein and/or fat is an important way to control the blood sugar spike from fruit sugar. Fruit (or any carbohydrate) eaten alone can raise blood sugar pretty quickly….

Are Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking?

Are vitamin supplements worth taking? Here’s the full text of an interview with Dan DeFigio about nutrition supplements on CNN’s Fit Nation:

Are Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking?

A nutrition supplement is a substance that isn’t whole food that is eaten in order to ingest its nutrients. Vitamins are supplements. We don’t “need” supplements to stay alive or to stay reasonably healthy, but there is a good body of scientific evidence indicating that proper nutrition supplementation can improve health and physical performance. *Proper* is the key word — there’s a lot of junk in the nutrition marketplace.

Do different athletes need different vitamins, if…

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snack Ideas

healthy snacks
One of the biggest challenges to good nutrition is figuring out what healthy snacks to prepare. Low carb snacks, high protein snacks, Paleo snacks – what are healthy snack ideas to eat between meals? I have compiled a list of some convenient snacks for work (and quick healthy snacks for kids) that you can use to keep your diet on track.


The Big Picture For Healthy Snacking

The main reasons snacks are important are

  • to keep your blood sugar levels stable
  • to keep your hunger in check so you don’t overeat at the next…

Easiest Way To Lose Weight

The easiest way to lose weight is to make small decisions that you won’t even notice every day. An easy way to lose 10 pounds is to cut out just 100 calories each day – that’s hardly anything!

easiest way to lose weight

Follow one of these tips each day and you will reduce your calorie intake by about 100. Do TWO a day, and you’ll lose ten pounds in six months without a minute of dieting!

Easy ways to lose weight

  • Use 1 tablespoon of salad dressing instead of 2 –…