Super Foods For Boosting Weight Loss

Eating more might not be the first strategy you’d think of when trying to lose weight, since that seems a little counter-productive. But you’d be surprised how eating more of the right foods can actually boost your weight loss efforts. In truth, the road to fitness isn’t the smoothest, but making the right food choices is an essential part of it. Not all calories are created equally, after all. So for your everyday diet, consider adding more of these weight loss friendly foods that can do wonders for your wellness:


Eggs might have a bad reputation for being high in cholesterol, but they’re incredibly nutritious. Thanks to their high protein content, eggs can make you feel full and satiated, which means you’re less likely to binge eat later on in the day. Plus, egg yolks are loaded with nutrients like essential fats for your skin and immune system, and carotenoids for your eyes.


Another food that can keep you feel full for hours is salmon. This type of fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to help reduce inflammation. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the human body cannot produce these “healthy fats,” so it’s essential to get them from food like salmon.


The caffeine in coffee doesn’t just wake you up in the morning, it jumpstarts your metabolism, too. While it’s best to drink it black to reap the full benefits, there are other types of coffee specifically formulated with extra ingredients for weight loss. Pretty Me’s review of Green n Lean Coffee recommends looking out for ingredients like green tea and L-carnitine. On top of the caffeine fix, they are proven to burn fat safely and effectively. However, it is still important to avoid sneaky calories from added sugars and unhealthy creamers!


oatmeal for weight loss

Everyone enjoys a bowl of cereal in the morning, but oatmeal is the heartier option you should be eating more of. Everyday Health’s feature on oatmeal states that having it for breakfast results in lower hunger ratings compared to a serving of sugared corn flakes, despite having similar calorie content. Fiber! Be sure to cook old-fashioned or steel-cut oats, and not the instant kind.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one versatile food that works as a delicious breakfast staple, dessert, or even sauce — but that’s not the best part. Scientists from the University of Missouri compared various snacks to see which one is the best for appetite control, and found greek yogurt to have the greatest desired effect. Greek yogurt, on average, has twice the protein and half the sugar of regular yogurt.

Whole Grains

whole grains for weight loss

If you enjoy rice, pasta, and bread, but are wary of their high carb content, swapping them for their whole grain version is a good health hack. Nutrition researchers found that refined grains can increase calorie loss by reducing calories retained during digestion. What’s more, whole grains are also packed with heart-healthy fiber to keep you satiated.

Cayenne Pepper

Even in small amounts, cayenne pepper can help you lose weight. This natural herb is a hard worker — able to curb your appetite, rev up your metabolism, and assist your calorie burning all at once. The spice also gives any dish a nice kick.


Nuts tend to rack up a significant amount of calories, but the array of health benefits make every one worth it. Almonds have high protein and fiber content, making them another contender for weight loss super foods when consumed in moderation. A study in the Nutrition Research Journal even cites the improvement of diet quality when eaten consistently.

Questions about foods for weight loss?

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