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Motivation To Exercise

Exercise motivation – we all know we should exercise regularly, but only 20% of Americans do. How can you find the motivation to exercise?

Ways to find the motivation to exercise

  1. Focus on one or two baby steps and small changes that you can do consistently. A sure way to kill your exercise motivation is to set overly-ambitious or unrealistic fitness goals. Promising yourself that you’re going to do something every single day is not only unrealistic, but also unnecessary.

    In order to start losing weight, getting in better shape, or start leading a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need to begin doing things differently than you…

Weight Lifting For Women

“I worried I’d get big if I lifted weights, but I actually dropped a dress size!”

Nicolle Smith, 49, on taking up strength training at age 46

I started lifting weights three years ago at the age of 46. I wanted to find a physical activity that would challenge me. If you’re not a runner (and I never enjoyed running), the options for fitness in the middle years really narrow down to a handful of activities. Many play tennis (which yields a high chronic injury rate in those of us over 40), take up yoga (which is fine, but doesn’t really get the heart rate…

Preventing Accidents and Injuries In The Gym

Preventing accidents and injuries in the gym is a matter of

  1. Discovering ways to prevent accidents that you may not have thought of, and
  2. Being aware of accidents that could happen, and taking sensible steps to prevent them.

This video shows some easy ways to prevent accidents and injuries to the clients, and to the trainers!

Preventing Accidents In The Gym

  1. Use pins in the power rack when using a barbell with triple-extension movements or bench presses.
  2. Puts stops under lowest bar position of the Smith machine barbell.
  3. Spot dumbbells on the wrists or forearms, not on the elbows.
  4. Spot chinups under the knees or around the waist, not…

6 Exercises You Should Be Doing

Being fit is more than having your heart and lungs in good condition (“cardio” exercise). To be in good shape, you also have to be strong! But what exercises should you be doing?

Strength training is the true foundation of exercise. A solid strength training regimen will

  • Tone and strengthen your muscles
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Improve your bone density
  • Increase your immunity and health
  • Help regulate your hormones and sleep
  • Increase your energy
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve diabetes

The workouts you get from Basics and Beyond instructors are founded upon the 6 fundamental kinds of strength…

How To Start An Exercise Program

Everyone understands the value of exercise, but if you don’t know how to start an exercise program, it can be hard to begin. Here are some of the most common excuses for not starting an exercise program:

  1. “I don’t have time.”
    Most people are busy. We make time for what’s important to us. Everyone gets 24 hours each day, so if your health is important to you, set aside a few 30-minute slots each week for basic exercise. Put it in your calendar just like any important appointment.
  1. “I’m too tired.”
    Once you start exercising regularly, you’ll find that you have more…

8 Ways To Make Weight Training Harder

There are plenty of ways to make weight training harder besides adding weight or reps. Here are eight ways to make your weight training sets more difficult. Only choose one for each set that you perform – don’t try to combine them all at once!

Ways To Make Weight Training Harder

  1. Emphasize the negative.

Count 6 or 8 seconds on the negative (eccentric) portion of each repetition. This works well on both dumbbell and barbell exercises, and it really makes bodyweight exercises (like pushups, lunges, or TRX rows) much more challenging too.

  1. Add an isometric hold.

Either at the end of the set, or at…

How To Get Motivated To Exercise

Wondering how to get motivated to exercise? Struggling to get up for your morning workout? Try these tried-and-tested tips for exercise motivation.

How to get motivated to exercise

Exercise in the morning

Exercising first thing in the morning fires up your metabolism, and keeps it burning calories at a higher rate throughout the day. A study at Norhumbria University found that exercising before breakfast can help you lose 20% more body fat. Exercising early in the day helps prevent weight gain and insulin resistance.

When you exercise in the morning, you can check it off your list and feel proud of yourself. After you’re done with…

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise involves drills like breathing, muscle activations, and stretching that help you overcome any weakness or problem with posture, balance, movement patterns, or whatever else may need to be corrected. Even though this type of corrective exercise my not be high on your priority list at first, this type of exercise is needed to create a balanced, high-functioning body. The goal of Basics and Beyond’s personal trainers is to help your body become healthier, stronger, and more fit. That may involve some kinds of exercise that you’ve never thought about.

Why corrective exercise?

Your well-being is the most important thing to us. The…

Why You Must Exercise To Lose Weight

Dieting by itself doesn’t work. You must exercise to lose weight. In an editorial published in Cardiology, professors from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University have evaluated the totality of evidence and conclude that regular physical activity bears the closest resemblance to a “magic bullet” to combat the worldwide epidemic of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

You Exercise To Lose Weight – But You’ll Get More Than That!

exercise to lose weight

Exercise confers important health benefits beyond losing weight. Regular exercise reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Staying active reduces your…

Today’s Personal Trainer – A New Paradigm in Nashville

Of all the programs and services in the fitness industry, personal training was ranked most-used by the International Fitness Industry Trend Report. Today’s personal trainer is more than just a gym rat who barks orders at an out-of-shape client. In Nashville, high-quality professional trainers offer a much higher level of service. A dedicated fitness instructor will make use of current technology and research, superior customer service, and motivation and passion to help their clients achieve healthier lifestyles.

Today’s Personal Trainer

Today’s personal trainer is a wellness coach and lifestyle-changer. An exercise trainer no longer simply gives instructions on exercises or leads people through workouts. The best personal trainers…