The Complete Guide To Personal Fitness Training In Nashville

Whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle gain, injury prevention or rehabilitation, or strength and fitness, personal training programs can provide you with plenty of these health benefits. Certified personal trainers can create a customized fitness program to match your goals, preferences, and current physical abilities. Nutrition coaches will help you adjust your diet and design an enjoyable meal plan to turn your goals into reality. 

The advantages of working together with a fitness instructor and a nutrition counselor don’t stop there, either. They will guide you in seeing results sooner by setting up realistic goals, keeping you accountable and motivated, helping you avoid injury, and ensuring you develop a new lifestyle that’s focused on wellness, health, and fitness. 

In the guide to personal training, we’ll talk about the many benefits of hiring a fitness professional, the different types of personal trainers, as well as what to look for when selecting a trainer that’s right for you. 

What Can a Personal Trainer Do for You?

The most common question that goes through people’s minds whenever they want to start going to the gym and get in shape is whether it’s worth getting a personal trainer. After all, a personal trainer will likely cost you a bit more than getting a regular gym membership. 

However, you also need to take into account what a professional can do for you in terms of fast results, minimum risk of injury, motivation, and all-round motivation and consistency. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), roughly 21% of members skip the gym because they don’t know what exercises to do once they get there. This is among the biggest reasons why people quit in the first place. So, what can personal trainers do for you? 

Workout Motivation

It’s a pretty well-known fact that a lot of people quit the gym in the first couple of months after joining. Many gyms located in Nashville (and everywhere else, for that matter) operate under a business model that anticipates their members not showing up. 

Take Planet Fitness, for example, one of the biggest gym chains in the United States. While they have an average of 7,250 members per gym, they can only fit around 300 at any given time. They’re fairly confident that most members won’t keep to their training. A lack of motivation is why many drop out. But by having someone there to keep you motivated, it will more than make up for the money that would, otherwise, go into an inefficient workout or an unused gym membership.  

Custom Workout Plan

Certified personal trainers in Nashville, Tennessee have a passion for what they do and will pass that excitement and motivation on to you. Not only that, but they can also customize a workout based on your specific fitness level, health, age, past injuries, and goals. They’ll also make it a pleasurable experience that will make you eager to keep coming back for more. 

A realistic plan, a set of smaller, attainable milestones, and a friendly, patient, compassionate attitude will all ensure you reach your fitness goals, no matter how unattainable they may seem at the moment. They will also help you strive extra hard and follow through whenever you feel like quitting.

A personalized routine ensures that you reach your exercise goals on time, and avoid injury caused by overtraining or by doing the exercises incorrectly. The trainer will adjust your exercise intensity gently and cautiously. Strength training, cardio, core training, interval training, athletic training, and endurance training are all efficient ways to reach your goal, depending on what you want to achieve. A calculated, expert exercise schedule will help you stay motivated and see consistent results.

Also, any weight loss goals you do meet are more likely to stay with you in the long run. A personal trainer introduces lifestyle changes and helps you learn to live a healthy life on your own. Whether you want to burn fat for weight loss or build muscle, trainers ensure you don’t fall victim to the yo-yo effect

No cardio sessions or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) are likely to go to waste as you move forward in life. Because your workout plan is customized to keep up with your fitness level and your personal preferences, you’ll be able to meet your fitness goals consistently. This means that the calories burned and the muscle gained are more likely to last, and there’s no danger of relapse.


Your fitness levels might depend on more than just your current weight or your fitness routine. If you have aches and pains or are currently recovering from an old (or fresh) injury, you can get client-specific, personal training. 

Schooled and certified trainers can help you recover at local gyms, or they can even visit you at home for private sessions. Physical therapy is also an option, and that kind of exercise rehab is sometimes available at your local gym or a private Nashville fitness site.

Personal Trainer

Using a Personal Trainer vs. Working Out on Your Own

According to a Statistic Brain survey, as many as 63% of gym members end up not going to the gym at all. Among those who do go, 82% visit the gym less than once per week, and 22% stop going after only six months. The lack of motivation to exercise is, therefore, the chief problem when it comes to weight loss and performance enhancement. 

So, How to Get Workout Motivation?

Workout motivation for beginners does not work the same as workout motivation for athletes. In a one-on-one relationship with your personal trainer, you will feel more accountable for your actions and obliged to show up and try your best. Also, the exercise intensity will be in sync with your abilities. Trainers also have a number of tricks up their sleeve to boost your motivation when you’re feeling low, and they will make sure you keep going. 

Doing the Exercises Correctly and With Just the Right Intensity

If you want to lose weight, avoid injury, and get maximum results as quickly and as efficiently as possible, professional guidance is of key importance. A personal trainer can help you maximize your workout benefits. 

A qualified personal trainer is a certified expert who can help transform your body and reach your desired fitness level. For example, if you want to lose weight, a trainer can help you build a cardio plan or a HIIT routine, depending on your preferences, with no risks to your heart health or other conditions you might have. 

If you’re looking to build muscle, a trainer will assist you in lifting weights without getting hurt, or in choosing machines and other exercises that will help your fitness goals.

The Different Types of Personal Trainers 

Personal trainers are dedicated professionals ready to help you achieve your goals. Depending on their demeanor and particular approach, personal trainers can be part-coaches, part-mentors, part-friends, or even part-drill instructors in certain situations. What remains the same, regardless of their style, is their supervision over your wellness program. That said, there are several types of top fitness trainers in Nashville, TN.

Uncertified Personal Trainers

There are plenty of uncertified or newly-certified personal trainers working at various fitness centers all across the country. The fact of the matter is that the industry isn’t regulated, meaning that anyone can become a personal trainer if he or she looks the part. That said, most uncertified personal trainers are people who are usually self-taught and train every client the way they train themselves. 

There are, however, many cases where these staff fitness trainers don’t really know what they are doing. They rarely know how to take into account people’s health conditions or past injuries, risking further damage to their personal training clients. Also, keep in mind that uncertified trainers don’t have liability insurance.

Certified Personal Trainers

Unlike the example above, certified personal trainers (CPT) who are experienced and well-trained have the necessary expertise to minimize your risk of injury, no matter your health history. They know how to push your muscular, nervous, and cardiovascular systems to the point where you maximize results without leading to injury. 

CPTs also know the limit of their training and area of expertise. If a top fitness trainer suspects that you have a medical condition that could prevent you from taking part in a specific exercise program, they will refer you to a health professional for clearance. The first telltale sign of an excellent trainer is someone that wants to know about your history. They will hold an initial consultation with you and ask about past injuries, medication regimen, lifestyle issues, fitness needs, etc. 

Rehabilitation Trainers/Physical Therapists

If you are recovering from a recent injury, or have suffered an injury in the past that has left long-term consequences, a qualified trainer can help you out. Many personal trainers in Nashville provide rehabilitation services or weight-loss/muscle-building training sessions customized with your injuries in mind. This is another important reason why professional assistance is better than just going at it alone. 

Schooled and certified trainers can help you recover at a local gym, or they can even visit you at home for private sessions. Some trainers also specialize in women’s health, while others specialize in sports training, pre- or post-natal fitness, or a host of other exercise niches. 

Nutrition Coaches

Exercise, no matter how extensive and/or exhausting, is not enough to help you reach your weight loss goals. Depending on your current eating habits, a correct nutrition plan could be the most crucial factor in your weight loss success. That’s why there are certified nutritionists

Instead of enforcing a strict diet or unsustainable weight management program, professional nutrition coaches will design a meal plan that you will actually enjoy and stick to. Personal accountability is key. So, whether you need advice or motivation, nutrition coaches will help you reach your objectives. 

How Often Should You Meet With Your Personal Trainer? 

The packages of 10, 15, or 20 sessions can come with a discount, and they are great for beginners because inexperienced students need more supervision in their exercise program. Fit people or athletes who only need occasional guidelines or athletic coaching would benefit more from single sessions.

Also, the number of weekly and monthly meetings is likely to lessen as your overall fitness goals are achieved. Once you reach your goal, whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle mass, your fitness classes will be replaced with occasional guidance sessions. These can also take the form of occasional online training sessions. Remember, boot camps end as soon as your personal fitness goals are met. Maintaining your look and your health is much cheaper and much easier.

The Cost of a Personal Trainer in Nashville

The average personal training cost in Nashville is between $20 and $125 per hour. Also, keep in mind that location plays a part in the average cost. If you want to know exactly how much personal training costs, however, there is no exact answer. 

As all workout plans are highly customized, there’s no way of knowing exactly how much your whole project will cost. Personal trainer cost per session depends on a variety of factors, including whether or not they are visiting you at home (in which case travel time is included) or working with you at your local gym. If you are considering the total cost of a personal trainer, a local trainer is the most affordable option. 

Also, you should keep in mind that there are a wide variety of techniques and lifestyle adjustments your personal trainer might use to work with you. As such, the personal trainer cost per hour may increase if you cover more types of services, or if your sessions take longer. For example, you might combine weight training with endurance training and a healthy eating demonstration for maximum effect. If you are doing high-intensity interval training with resistance training, nutrition coaching is not far behind. Yoga sessions or Pilates also come in handy for people who need to stretch, relax, and do some stress management as well. 

Gym chains (Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, SNAP Fitness, YMCA) offer in-house personal training. This is generally not the best way to find a good personal trainer. Instead of focusing on the gym, you should look for an independent personal trainer with the right experience and credentials. After you find the right trainer, only then should you decide which nearby gym is best for the two of you to work out. 

Location Affects the Price

In large cities, most services become more expensive the closer you get to the metropolitan area. As you move away to the suburbs, prices will often decrease. The same goes for trainers in Nashville, TN. Personal trainers’ costs are the highest in Green Hills, Brentwood, and Franklin locations. As you get closer to college areas, such as Vanderbilt, Belmont, and Lipscomb, prices decrease. Antioch is also known for its affordable trainer prices. 

Costs may be higher if the trainer visits you at your home, or if they have to rent a private exercise studio. The travel costs and other expenses are then included in the price.

One of the least expensive options is definitely online personal training sessions. Without the extra costs of either the space or travel time, you can simply find long-distance motivation and guidance. 

Bear in mind, however, that this kind of communication is best if you are already somewhat experienced. It’s hard to get the nuances of exercise instruction and body mechanics over the internet. Also, keep in mind that some types of workouts, such as strength training, require some kind of gym equipment. Online training works best for exercise programs, nutrition plans, and accountability. 

Final Words

Weight loss tips, diets, and your fitness routine are no longer subject to fleeting and often harmful fitness trends that you find online. A certified personal trainer offers you their complete dedication, credentials, schooling, and years of experience while finding the perfect way to help you.  

If you want to know more about personal fitness training in Nashville, or you plan to start transforming your body with the guidance of experienced experts, get your free no-obligation consultation. Tell us more about you, and we’ll tell you how we can help.