Can A Personal Trainer Help Me Lose Weight?

When new workout routines don’t yield immediate results and lower your body fat percentage as quickly as you’d hoped, weight loss can seem like an unattainable goal. Chances are that you sincerely want to follow through. However, are you sure that your exercise program suits your capabilities and your unique weight loss goals? Do you know how to exercise properly to avoid injury? Are you clear on how to eat for weight loss?

If you are unsatisfied with your current routine, or if you want to reach maximum results and achieve a body transformation within a reasonable amount of time, seeing a personal trainer just might be the trick to achieving your goals. An individualized and professional personal trainer weight loss program is the best way to get proper, safe, and body-specific training. 

Keep in mind that over 80% of U.S. adults fail to meet the proper guidelines for aerobic exercise or muscle-strengthening activities. What’s more, 80% of adolescents aren’t observing age-appropriate physical activity guidelines. 

Knowing the risks of going at it alone and how you can benefit from professional, expert guidance will help you make up your mind. Here’s what can happen when you turn to a personal trainer to lose weight: 

Personal Trainers Can Make Challenging Exercises Feel Much Easier

Exercise is a powerful tool for weight loss and building muscle. With proper guidance through personal training, you can lose weight fast, enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and then maintain your target weight with light, long-term workout routines. Your personal trainer can help you lose inches and get the maximum results out of every workout. 

So, what type of workouts should I do to lose fat faster?

The best kind of exercise program for fat loss is high-intensity strength training circuits – these boost your metabolism, build muscle, and burn pounds of fat. But if you work out on your own, the harder you work and the more exhausting the training, the more likely you are to give up. You also run the risk of getting hurt. This is where professional assistance comes to the rescue

A friendly, experienced trainer pushes you out of your comfort zone and keeps you motivated! 

The workouts for your current capabilities gradually become more intense as you continue your routine. Based on your body type and your metabolism, a certified trainer can correctly assess the types of workouts that will help you reach your fitness goals. 

A realistic, achievable exercise schedule can help you stay motivated, see results, and burn fat, and your trainer can adjust your exercise intensity gently and cautiously. 

Moreover, any old “certified trainer” does not necessarily make for a good trainer. Experience, training approach, attitude, and patience are invaluable qualities. Seeing through fads and useless fitness trends that come and go, and focusing on PROVEN, dependable weight training methods is what makes all the difference. 

Nutrition Coaching Is as Important as Your Workout Plan

According to a recent Huffington Post interview with a renowned dietitian, “30 minutes of the best boot camp may not cancel out that burger and fries you had for lunch.” Contrary to popular belief, your nutrition plan will determine most of your weight loss. Regardless of how good your workout program is, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. 

Keep in mind that personal trainers are not legally qualified to design a meal plan. You’ll need a qualified nutritionist for that. If you want to get rid of excessive body fat and build muscle in a short time period without going hungry or getting completely exhausted, this is the best way to go. 

A customized diet by a certified coach and nutritionist will help you burn fat faster, and the subsequent healthy weight loss leads to long-term results. Gaining the weight back in the future becomes less likely with this kind of consistent routine. 

Quick and healthy fat loss does not mean you need to stop eating or go hungry for months on end. 

On the contrary, you will not be starving yourself. Instead, you will be cooking light, consuming a delicious variety of fruits and vegetables, and sometimes enjoying occasional post-workout protein shakes. Your diet plans would include a wide variety of healthy eating options. You’d eat prescribed foods regularly, and you’ll be surprised how seldom you’ll feel hungry. 

Still, old habits die hard, especially for people who were raised on junk food. Empty calories from added sugars and solid fats make up as much as 40% of total daily calorie intake for 2- to 18-year-olds. If you stick to old habits and eat foods such as pizza, desserts, fruit drinks, and soda, a plethora of research shows that exercise alone will not help with your specific goal to lose weight fast. 

Personal Trainers Provide Friendly, Patient, and Effective Motivation to Exercise

Did you know that according to the 2019 IHRSA data, as many as 50% of all new gym members give up within 6 months? That’s saying something about people’s workout motivation. 

Not to mention people who pay for the whole year, but fail to show up even once.

A Statistic Brain survey on 5,313 U.S. gym members found that 63% of memberships go unused. And even out of the ones who do show up, 82% go to the gym less than once per week, on average. If you’re having difficulties with the lack of motivation to exercise – statistics clearly show you’re not the only one. 

So, how do you rise above this issue and get stuff done? How do you get the motivation to work out?

One-on-one sessions with a personal trainer do wonders for accountability and motivation. And consistency in your weekly exercise and nutrition plans is the key to both short-term and long-term weight loss. 

With the expert help of a friendly, patient, and upbeat personal trainer, you can lose weight fast, burn fat, and adjust exercise intensity to suit your unique needs. You can do all this and still avoid injury, while personal training keeps you accountable when your motivation is down. 

Different trainers cover a wide variety of client types, regardless of your fitness level. So even if you’re new to exercise, workout motivation for beginners is also no problem at all. 

If you’re unable to go to the gym due to a disability or personal preferences, you can always exercise at home. Online training sessions and in-home visits (for one, or for the whole family!) are an option. For online trainers, remote communication is not an obstacle to making sure you are doing exercises correctly. They also provide the motivation to workout that’s vital for your ultimate success.

Finally, even though personal trainers tend to be more expensive than monthly gym memberships, they pay off big time in the long run. Gyms make bank off the people who fail to show up, or who make use of only 10-20% of what they paid for. 

As a training client, you’d end up using 100% of your own and your trainer’s time. That way, reaching your goals becomes a certainty, and you can also follow through and see results faster. 

Is It Worth It to Get a Personal Trainer?

If you want maximum results in the least amount of time possible — without risking injury or struggling with motivation — Yes, a trainer is a perfect choice. Reaching your weight goals with one-on-one training sessions, either in your local gym, in-house, or online, is much more likely than if you simply purchase a gym membership that will probably go to waste.

Any weight loss or workout plans you’d be getting will be highly customized for your particular fitness level, abilities, or injuries. Strength training, core training, as well as interval training with short breaks for maximum efficiency, are all adjusted to your abilities and goals. 

The calories burned, along with the muscle you gain, have serious, long-term benefits when it comes to your overall health and well being. Both physical and mental benefits come quickly and stay with you. 

If you’re after quick solutions with expert guidance and long-term effects, a personal trainer can help you reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed or getting hurt. They will also keep you motivated! With the right guidance, there’s nothing you cannot do. If you want to know more, or if you want to transform your body with the advice and support of experienced experts, get your free no-obligation consultation so you can tell us more about what you need help with.