Fitness Through The Holidays

Staying fit through the holidays is a real challenge, both physically and mentally. Here are some simple tips to help you keep your fitness through the holidays:

Keeping your fitness through the holidays

Family visits and extra “to-do” lists can make it hard to keep your workout schedule intact.

  1. ANY exercise is better than NO exercise.
    Try to stay away from the all-or-nothing mentality. If you don’t have time for a full workout, squeeze in just 10 minutes. You’ll be able to keep your level of fitness with just some here-and-there “maintenance” workouts.
  2. Move more, sit less. Stand instead of sit. Pace or march in place while you’re on the phone. If you can walk instead of drive, enjoy the stroll.
  3. Keep one or two workouts on you schedule no matter what.
    It’s easy to find something else that you “need” to do instead.
    But keeping just one or two training sessions scheduled on your calendar each week will keep you from losing ground during the busy holiday season.Staying consistent with some exercise will also help you avoid the groaning, “time to get back to it” unmotivated feeling that is so easy to fall into when you miss a few workouts!

keeping fitness through the holidays

Sticking with your nutrition plan through the holidays

Parties and special events will wreak havoc on your nutrition plan if you let them. Follow these simple tips to avoid destroying your nutrition habits during the holidays:

    1. Water first.
      Drink a big cup of water when you first wake up in the morning, and any time you feel hungry outside of your regular meal or snack time.At parties, drink a big glass of water before you have your first glass of some other beverage, and before you inspect the buffet table.You can easily cut your alcohol calories in half by alternating a glass of water between each refill of wine or eggnog.
    2. Pick your treats carefully.
      Desserts and sweets are everywhere this time of year. You don’t have to try to abstain completely, but I do suggest that you pick your indulgences carefully, and be sure to eat them ON PURPOSE.
    3. Don’t park yourself in front of the chocolate bon bon dish while you chat with friends!
      Pick a treat or two, put them on a dish, then get away from the rest of it.Keeping the sweets out of sight will prevent the mindless nibbling that leads to THOUSANDS of extra sugar calories.Pick your treats on purpose, and enjoy!

keeping your nutrition through the holidays

  1. Eat a Pre-Party Meal.
    You probably know that you should never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.Well, the same holds true for holiday gatherings: Never go to a party hungry. When you’re hungry, you’re more likely to dive into the high-sugar foods, and you’re also more likely to eat faster. All that adds up to overeating. A lot.Instead, have a pre-party meal an hour or two before your holiday gathering. Put together a combination of protein and vegetables, as these nutrients tend to be the most filling and lasting.

If you use these tips, you can keep your fitness through the holidays and avoid sabotaging your nutrition plan too!

Happy Ho Ho to You and Yours!

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