Today’s Personal Trainer – A New Paradigm in Nashville

Of all the programs and services in the fitness industry, personal training was ranked most-used by the International Fitness Industry Trend Report. Today’s personal trainer is more than just a gym rat who barks orders at an out-of-shape client. In Nashville, high-quality professional trainers offer a much higher level of service. A dedicated fitness instructor will make use of current technology and research, superior customer service, and motivation and passion to help their clients achieve healthier lifestyles.

Today’s Personal Trainer

Today’s personal trainer is a wellness coach and lifestyle-changer. An exercise trainer no longer simply gives instructions on exercises or leads people through workouts. The best personal trainers will have proper education – knowledge and experience in physiology, correct exercise form, posture, nutrition, and exercise programming – as well as a true concern for improving the client’s life.

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Understanding The Personal Training Client

The trainers on the Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition team understand that not everyone wants to work out intensely. Exercise is important, but it’s not the most important thing in a client’s life. The trainer should be willing to make adjustments to help the client make exercise both manageable and enjoyable. The fitness program should not be confined within the walls of the fitness club, but should influence the client in his or her everyday activities. The trainer’s goal should be to help the client have a positive attitude towards keeping fit.

Goals and Motivation

Today’s client wants a personal trainer for a variety of reasons. Hiring a trainer is no longer a privilege for the well-off. Clients want a trainer not only to lose weight and get fit, but to train for recreational sports, to manage diseases or chronic pain, rehab injuries, or simply to find more motivation and energy in life. A good trainer is sensitive to the client’s goals and how to best inspire and empower them to achieve it. It is the trainer’s job to listen to their clients in order to gauge their needs, understand where they are coming from, and guide them towards success. A good personal trainer will be able to make day-to-day guidelines and suggestions to keep the client motivated and committed to his personalized program.

Health and Fitness Behavior

Today’s trainer must be able to identify the client’s habits, mindsets, and behavior that have prevented them from succeeding in the past. A trained wellness coach can help the client overcome obstacles and stick to their program. The trainer should be there to give support, encouragement, and helpful feedback. Training in counseling, psychology, neuro-linguitistic programming, and other behavior improvement approaches can help to pinpoint problems and further help clients overcome their blocks to getting fit.

Workout Equipment and Fitness Tools

You don’t really need any special exercise equipment to get in shape. A thorough knowledge of body biomechanics will allow the trainer to make use of any available equipment. You can even get a great workout using just your own body weight – zero equipment required!

Fitness trackers and apps can help keep the client on track when the trainer is not physically present. They can also over-complicate a fitness program. If keeping up with your wearable gizmo and entering your activity and food seems like too much, skip it. Don’t let the possibility of keeping up with too much data kill your fitness program.

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Personal Training Specialization

Specializing in a particular demographic or style of exercise can boost a personal trainer’s credentials and value in the marketplace. If you as a client have a specific need – injury rehab, pre-natal exercise, sports preparation, or management of a medical condition, for example – seek out a personal trainer who is experienced and specialized in that area.

An Allied Health Professional

Personal trainers are gaining recognition among health professionals and are increasingly working along side physical therapists, dietitians, physicians, chiropractors, and the like. Experts predict that this is a growing trend, and trainers therefore need to be more educated than in the past. Trainers who are skilled in their field of expertise can pass on important information to the appropriate healthcare practitioners. Since so many health problems are caused by poor lifestyle choices, a fitness trainer can make a huge impact in decreasing medical problems like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and depression.


Personal Trainers in Nashville

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