Skateboarding Fitness

skateboarding fitnessSkateboarding Fitness

Picture the typical skateboarder. Chances are you’re not thinking of a toned, fit athlete — you’re probably thinking of a teenager in baggy clothing showing off to his friends.  Skateboard and Fitness are two words you may not picture together, but skateboarding is actually a much better workout than a lot of people give it credit for, and it can be a really good alternative exercise if the usual gym routine isn’t really your thing. Here are three reasons why skateboards are an activity you should take up.

Skateboarding Is a Great Workout

While skateboarding is unlikely to build muscles or significantly increase stamina, it is a very strong cardio exercise, and experts have in the past compared its benefits to things like jumping rope because of the way there are sudden, explosive bouts of movement. It can take some work to become competent enough to really burn those calories, but it’s rewarding once you are good enough. The longer you skate, and the more adventurous you become, the better an exercise this will be. Consider finding a skate group so you can get better with other fans.

Skateboarding Is Inexpensive

You don’t need a costly monthly gym membership, nor do you need to invest a heap of cash to dump into exercise equipment or specialist clothing. All you need is something comfortable to wear, and your board. Wear some bright and bold socks with a pair of old sneakers, or wear some trendy Etnies; it really doesn’t matter. You can spend as much or as little on your board as you like; even the cheaper options will do while you’re a beginner. Pricier equipment is built to last and perform better, but this isn’t important to start with (especially if you’re not yet sure that skating is right for you).

Skateboarding Is Fun

With most forms of exercise, your goals are just numbers. Whether it’s beating your personal best around the track or lifting heavier weights, it’s a great feeling to set your own personal record, but you’re always working towards the same thing. Skateboarding, on the other hand, is the pursuit of increasingly more complex and impressive tricks that can build your core strength, balance, and general agility. There are lots of skateboard tricks to look at here.

So there you have it — If you’re bored hitting the gym, and endless running doesn’t quite do it for you, then skateboarding just might be the thing for you. It’s great fun, and anyone can give it a go.