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Personal trainer jobs Nashville

The professionals on the Basics and Beyond team are a cut above the rest of the personal trainers that populate gyms in the Nashville area (take a peek at the quality and experience of the current staff). If you’re seeking one of the best personal training jobs in Nashville, keep reading…

Qualities we are looking for:

    • Passionate. Personal training is a people business. If your answer to “Why do you want to be a personal trainer?” is not “I love to help people,” don’t bother to apply.
    • Career-focused. We are not looking for trainers who have other jobs and only want to supplement their income. We want career fitness professionals who are dedicated to the wellness field long-term.
    • Good energy. We only have trainers who come to work excited about their job and the company they work for. If you’re a Thank-God-It’s-Friday-Oh-Crap-It’s-Monday person, please look elsewhere.
    • Empathetic. You must have a good understanding of the mental and physical issues fitness and weight loss clients deal with. You must be able to motivate and inspire them. We do not hire drill sergeants who act like the clowns on reality TV shows. We will not accept a trainer who’s looking at his or her cell phone during a session.
    • Relatively flexible work schedule. Trainers on the Basics and Beyond team make their own appointment schedules, so you can set your own hours. We are, however, looking for trainers who are able to make themselves available for most clients’ schedule requests, including weekend appointments. If you’re going to tell us that you never work weekends and you’re only available Tuesday and Thursday afternoons before you pick up your kid from school, we probably won’t be able to find a place for you on our team. Honestly, we’re looking for a personal trainer who WANTS to work, and who has the time to do so!

We work with clients in Nashville, Antioch, Franklin, Berry Hill, and also offer in-home service. We typically install a trainer at only one of these locations, unless you like the idea of jumping back and forth between facilities.

If this all sounds good to you, Email Dan the following:

  1. Your resume
  2. A sample workout that you’ve designed for a typical client
  3. A LINK (not a giant email attachment) to a brief video of you demonstrating/teaching these four things:
  • A lunge
  • A plank
  • An explanation as to why upright rows are bad for your shoulders
  • A minute or two about you, your basic philosophies and approach, and why you want to be in the fitness field.

Don’t worry about video quality or sound quality; I am interested in who you are and how you teach.
Thank you, and I am looking forward to seeing you in action!

Dan DeFigio, Director and Owner

dan defigio