Nashville personal trainer Nathan Buckler

Our featured personal trainer in Nashville is Nathan Buckler. Nathan has been working as a personal trainer since 2019, and has been training for Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition since May of 2021. Nathan received his personal training certification when he was a senior at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). Here is how Nathan describes his fitness journey:

“I have always been sort of a gym rat since high school, and I have been a competitive powerlifter for five years now. With those two factors, and with the love I have for helping others become stronger and healthier versions of themselves, becoming a personal trainer just made sense. I started off training clients at the University of Alabama Recreation Center during my senior year, and I loved it. I was there for a few months and then, unfortunately, COVID hit and shut down the school and the facility.”

“I moved to Nashville with my wife, and finished my last semester of college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Exercise Science. I then became the Head Fitness Trainer at an exercise facility in Smyrna, TN. Working at that training facility was my first taste of what being a full-time personal trainer is like. I was responsible for organizing workouts for all the different classes that the gym offered. Most of the time, I would lead and direct the group exercise classes myself. Additionally, I wrote customized individual programs for a wide array of clientele based on their specific health and fitness needs.”

“After working there for about eight months, it was time for me to take the next step in my personal training career. In order for me to continue my growth as a trainer, I knew I needed to upgrade. In April of 2021, I connected with Dan DeFigio, and knew right away that Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition would be a great fit for me as a personal trainer in Nashville. Unlike some gyms or trainers, Dan and I care more about building a connection with clients and putting their wants and needs at the forefront. I train a wide range of clients, from aspiring collegiate athletes to older clients who require more functional exercises.”

nashville personal trainer Nathan Buckler

Here is what Nathan has to say about his personal training philosophies:

“I would say I do not necessarily have one specific or universal training style. I believe every person should have workouts tailored to their specific goals, physical abilities, and experience level. That being said, I do believe in a few core exercises that all exercise clients should be proficient in. For example, some version of exercises like the squat and the deadlift I believe are beneficial to just about every human being. Both those exercises assist with better posture, increased strength, better functional movement, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Importantly in my training approach, I believe in achieving small goals in order to reach a bigger goal. “Slow and steady wins the race.” I work with my clients to determine their ultimate goal, then we collaborate to come up with a series of smaller “step goals” — goals and milestones that get us to that main goal. I have found that people are more likely to reach those desired levels of fitness and physical performance if they progress through the smaller, “step” goals.

Core exercises and goal progression are two massive parts of my ideology as a personal trainer, but the component that has the biggest impact on people’s success would have to be accountability. I am totally dedicated to my clients; I want them to achieve their goals and dreams just as much as they do. The old saying, “You get out what you put in” is an adage I have adopted for years.

Clients get coaching from me both inside and outside the fitness facility – nutritional guidance, exercise homework, accountability check-ins, along with whatever else they may need from me as a coach. I will always give my clients a hundred percent of my effort as a trainer, all I ask is that they give me their best!

Nathan Buckler is available for personal training in Nashville, either in a training studio or in your home. Call 615-442-7700 to discuss, or drop us a message here.