5 Reasons Never To Miss Your Monday Workout

Monday workout is the most important dedicated exercise of the week! Here’s why:

  1. Sets the tone for the rest of the week.
    calendar-2016Exercising on Mondays will get the ball rolling for your workout routine. If you miss a Monday it’s easy to make excuses or “get busy” other days of the week.
  2. You’ll kickstart good self-control.
    It may take some willpower to lace up those sneakers, but exercise is actually a great way to harness more discipline for other areas of your life, especially nutrition. Moving around for as little as 15 minutes has been shown to help people manage food cravings. Exercise releases GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps keep you in control of impulses.
  3. You’ll smile more.
    exercise mood depressionGot a case of the Monday blues? You’re not alone. Research shows that the average office worker doesn’t crack a smile until after 11:00 am! But exercise could help you beat those Monday blahs. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to combat depression. One specific benefit of physical exercise is that it releases endorphins, the hormones that make you feel happier. When you finish your workout, you always feel great, right?
  4. Exercise helps quiet anxiety and worry.
    Dreading that mountain of paperwork that gathered dust on your desk over the weekend? It’s not uncommon to feel apprehensive or overwhelmed about heading back in to work. But don’t hide back under the covers — hop on the treadmill or get to the gym before work. Studies show that aerobic exercise reduces anxiety and nervousness. Plus, high-intensity exercise has been shown to reduce the fear of anxiety that is often a precursor to panic attacks.
  5. You’ll sleep better during the week.
    Lifting weights makes your muscles tired, no surprise there. But regular exercise has been proven to normalize sleep patterns. A hard, satisfying workout on Monday will help get your sleep rhythms reset so you can sleep well and be rested all week!

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