Must Have Items For Your Gym Bag

Packing the gym bag is routine for regular gym-goers. Most of them keep their bags pre-packed, especially if they head out to their training center straight from work. Going to the gym regularly requires constant motivation. Carrying the right essentials can weigh down the trouble. Knowing what to carry on your way to the gym boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of satisfaction that you have all the stuff you pre and post-workout.

Gym bags become essential especially if you are traveling and athletes get to do that a lot, during their competitions and professional tournaments. Most of the gyms offer free equipment but it’s not the same for all. You might hit a new gym and find They aren’t offering free essentials that you used to work on in your old training center. So, before heading out on your route make sure to get the following essentials packed in your gym bag.

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Gym Bag Essentials

You can throw your workout essentials into a tote or a plastic grocery bag. But compactly carrying them all in a gym bag protects your stuff, and makes it a lot easier to find things. Before packing your gym bag, first find out which one perfectly suits your needs. There are a variety of options available in the market; your choice depends on the purpose. Do you need one for carrying on your daily commute? Are you traveling somewhere to spend a few days? Are you bringing stuff to an event or a tournament? Your gym gear bag doesn’t have to be big enough to house every workout item you can think of, just one that can carry all your essentials will serve the purpose.

1)   Gym Shoes

Gym shoes are an obvious item, and they should stay in your gym bag (so you don’t forget them).

There are good quality all-purpose sports shoes available in the market that you can wear to the gym. But, pairing the right shoe with your particular activity gets the most out of your footwear by giving you proper support and stability.

There are specific shoes designed for weightlifting, running, cross-training, rock climbing, and many other activities. If you work out a lot, you may want to consider buying multiple pairs of shoes to give them time to air out.

2)   Headphones

If you like to listen to music while you work out, a good pair of headphones is essential. Music usually helps people to get into their workout zone and stay on pace. Listening to music or a podcast is also a great way to make the time more enjoyable if you’re getting bored with cardio.

Carry earbuds or headphones that are designed for withstanding movement and sweat. Motivating music and quality headphones can transform a good workout into a great workout session.

3)   Gym Towel

Using a gym towel isn’t only hygienic, but good manners too. Even if your workout session isn’t heavily sweaty, your moisture left behind can irritate the next person using the same equipment.

Or sometimes avoiding other people’s sweat can turn into a never-ending struggle for you as well. To avoid all this, carry your gym towel and use it as a barrier when you sit or lie down on a machine. Some gym towels come with a built-in zip pocket to store your phone and earphones.

Speaking of hygiene, if you are concerned about germs, consider packing hand sanitizer in your gym bag.

4)   Water Bottle

Hydration is essential during your workouts, so never compromise on it. Even if you are not sweating! Waiting in line to get water at the water fountain after a sweaty session is a drag, so keeping a personal portable water bottle in your gym bag is a good idea. We would recommend you to use a reusable stainless steel or BPA-free plastic water bottle (not disposable plastic), as they are environmentally friendly and keep your water colder.

5)   Workout Clothes

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting any piece of your workout clothes. Getting caught in improper gym attire is the last thing you would want before your weight training. Any missing piece of your gym clothes can interfere with how you move. An easy way of remembering what you have packed is by making a list of clothes that you want to carry. Your workout clothes include:

  • Clean underwear/sports bra
  • Fresh gym socks
  • Swimming gear if you’re getting in the pool
  • Workout top and bottom: Keep a complete fitness outfit in a gym bag in the car so you never forget!
  • Hair tie if you need one

gym workout clothes

6)   Shower Essentials

This is for folks who prefer to take a quick shower at the gym after working out. Make sure you have packed shower essentials:

  • Soap or Body Wash
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Wipes Wipes can save the day when you have no time to take shower after a workout. Cool wipes can also help with refreshing your face and neck on a hot day.

7)   Change of Clothes

You have had a sweaty workout session, your body feels great, you showered, and now it’s time to change into clean clothes. Keep them in your gym bag so they’re not miles away sitting in your closet!

8)   Gym Lock

Gyms sometimes have lockers with a self-locking system, but some of them aren’t that secure and others don’t have any locks at all. It’s better to carry your own lock for a gym locker just to be sure.

9)   Post-Workout Shake

Your body needs to refuel after a hard session in the gym. A post-workout shake doesn’t only restore your energy levels, but helps your muscles with the recovery and healing process. Feeding yourself the right snack after a workout maximizes your workout gains. Shakes are an easy way of doing that. A nice dose of vegetable juice and a scoop or two of whey protein will do the trick nicely.