Best Free Fitness Apps

The Best Free Fitness Apps on the Market

While there are numerous statistics surrounding the mobile app industry, there is one that is more striking than any other. By 2017, the fitness app market will be worth a staggering $77 billion, with more than 91% of all U.S. adults now owning a smartphone. There are many types of apps that drive this marketplace, and a proliferation of paid options supplement the free tools that target both professional and personal users. Fitness apps are among the most popular in the modern age, with the vast majority on the iOS and Android platforms compatible with the contemporary range of smart watches. But what are the best free fitness apps on the market?

best free fitness apps

3 of the Best Free Fitness Apps on the Market: Our Picks

As you would expect; the explosion of free and paid fitness apps has created a plethora of choices in the market, although the free fitness apps still dominate thanks to the integration of optional paid subscriptions. With this in mind, here are three of our picks for the best free fitness apps: 

  1. MyFitnessPal
    Arguably the seminal fitness app on the current market, MyFitnessPal takes the stress out of weight loss and enables users to track precisely how many calories they consume on a daily basis. The app is also simple to use and accurate, meaning that it is possible to make quick calculations without having to crunch numbers manually. It achieves this by featuring an innovative barcode feature, which can instantly scan individual food items and search a database of more than three million ingredients.
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  2. Strava Cycling
    Another free app available on both iOS and Android, Strava Cycling is a tool that has been designed specifically for cyclists. It is essentially an innovative GPS tracker with a difference, as it not only measures the users’ speed, distance and elevation as they cycle but it also enables them to compete with others who traverse the segment of road. Interestingly, it also enables you identify and locate the best local cycle routes, which in turn improves your chances of tailoring an optimized workout and achieving your fitness goals.
  3. Superbody
    This is an up-and-coming application that is gaining huge popularity in the current market, having been designed by experts in the nutrition and fitness fields. You can check out precisely how it works here, but essentially it enables users to create a nutritional plan and exercise regime that is easy to access and follow. Ideal for plotting both small, individual goals and more integrated health regimes, it has become a crucial component for weight loss, fat burning and core conditioning. For anyone who struggles to manage and achieve their fitness goals, this is an application that can deliver huge rewards.