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Online training is the most affordable way to get professional fitness programs and advice. Because of the amazing technology that’s now available, we are now able to help clients get fit around the world!
Instead of scheduling one-on-one times with a personal trainer several times per week, consider your online trainer to be your personal concierge for your fitness and nutrition journey.
Online training is great for people who travel a lot, who have hectic schedules, or who like to work out at home without having to commit to an appointment schedule.
You’ll get a custom workout plan designed by a personal trainer specifically for your needs. You’ll also get regular support and feedback, and program updates along the way.
We have different online training packages, depending on your needs. This way we can ensure that you get exactly what you need in terms of exercise programs, nutrition programs, instruction, accountability, and support.


  • Complete the Exercise Goals form
  • Your trainer will review your form, and create your custom workout within 48 hours
  • Workouts include exercise selection, reps, sets, suggested weight, and an exercise video sample
  • Work with your trainer by email or text to track progress and stay motivated.
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With all Basics and Beyond online training programs, you get free access to Dan DeFigio’s GOLD coaching group.
Dan DeFigio is a well-know nutrition expert, and the bestselling author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies. Dan’s GOLD group is for people who want regular access to Dan’s advice, programs, meal plans, information, videos, and guidance. It also delivers community support, motivation, and fun!
  • In the GOLD group, we set goals and action steps together — You get accountability
  • I put out healthy meal plans regularly -You get all those.
  • All my special programs (like the popular Sugar Free Me to get off sugar and stop stress eating) -You get all my programs FREE!
  • I send you regular assignments and habit-changing formulas – You get step-by-step instructions.
Dan uses a combination of email and Facebook to deliver information to you, and to get your updates and questions from you:
  • The Healthy HABITS series — baby steps to guaranteed weight loss success
  • Healthy menus, meal plans, and snacks
  • The Easy ABC Meal Planning system for flexibility when you’re on the go
  • All Dan’s products and courses (like Sugar Free Me: How to get off sugar for good)
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Delicious recipes
  • Daily answers to your questions and problems

What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

Priscilla SAmazing and Incredibly Helpful!

“After that AMAZING and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL session yesterday (THANK YOU!!), I have decided to commit to coming every other week. Thank you again for helping me so much. Have a wonderful weekend!”


“Alison is a wonderful trainer. She is knowledgeable,patient, motivating and fun. She knows just how to push me without me realizing that I'm out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend her!”

Bob M.Very valuable

“We highly value our trainer Alison. We appreciate the equipment, the variety of exercises available, and the friendliness of all the trainers. It is also valuable to have Dan's advice available when needed!”

Kasey A. via FacebookA wonderful group of trainers!

“Basics and Beyond is a wonderful group of trainers. Dan is awesome and does great with pairing you with just the right trainer. It's been a wonderful body changing experience! I highly recommend a consultation!”

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