A New Personal Trainer In Nashville

Niki Lyon is a certified personal trainer with a special emphasis on women’s health. She’s also an experienced nutrition coach with specialties in stress management and sleep.

Personal training and nutrition coaching — the winning combination!

Niki’s passion for good health, active lifestyles, and maintaining a positive outlook and spirit has enabled her to be perfectly suited to help you find your own sweet spots in nutrition and physical activity.

personal trainer niki

Here’s Niki’s story about how she got started in the personal training and nutrition fields:

My interest in nutrition started taking shape when a nutritionist came to talk to our track team when I was in high school. I was so inspired, I ended up attending Clemson University to study nutrition. There I worked with the athletes, keeping the players performance-ready. Nowadys I continue sharing this passion with people of all skills and abilities!

My philosophy begins with meeting people where they are, setting goals and upgrading goals over a period of time, and having YOU eventually become the expert of your own nutrition and health.

We’ll start with goals FOR you that can be achieved easily BY you.

With nutrition, sometimes that means just adding one healthy choice to a day. For others, that might mean achieving a protein goal. Whatever that first goal is, we work towards consistency with that one Big Thing. As you accumulate successes, we can build on those. Small actions will add up to big wins as we move forward!

Everyone has barriers to meeting nutrition goals, and that’s what I’m here to help you overcome:

Let’s say you’re struggling with eating socially — eating what and where others want you to eat. Your family expects a three-course dinner, your workmates like to eat out for lunch, your kids want breakfast foods that you don’t need.

  • I’ll help show you how to build meals that are healthy and satisfying to everyone in your family.
  • I’ll help you review a restaurant menu and make healthy choices.
  • I’ll help you build a week of meals that will fit both your schedule AND your health goals.

And at every step, I’m here to help and support you. I’m just a phone call or text away.

Personal training will have the same structure for meeting your goals. We’ll start from wherever you are, and begin with “smart” goals that can be met and built upon.

  • You’ll get a personalized exercise program that is based entirely on your desires and your current abilities.
  • You’ll learn the safe way to do exercises with correct form.
  • You’ll learn which exercises affect which muscles, and how.
  • This way you will build a stronger body so that you’ll feel healthier and happier with yourself.
  • I’ll help you push your limits, while keeping workouts fun and injury-free.

You’ll see and feel the difference right away, as we build your strength and upgrade your goals.

Strength training can be intimidating. I have a current client for whom I introduced strength training into their workout routine for the first time. This client was walking regularly but wasn’t achieving their fitness goals, and needed help building a strength plan. We worked together to build a workout plan that progressively increased in weight, achieved proper form, and kept on a pace for fat-burning. This person lost two inches from their waist in the first month! I provide the guidance, education, and support. You provide the dedication and the work. I am confident that anyone can achieve their goal when we work together.

The best thing about all this is that you can achieve your goals while learning the basics of good nutrition, health, and fitness — and love yourself in the process!

Contact us for information about personal training and nutrition coaching with Niki, or telephone 615-442-7700.