Why A Personal Trainer Is Important

If you are into healthy lifestyle and fitness regimes, you know that many people like to work out. But not everyone who is in great shape loves to work out! This is why a personal trainer is important. Many people feel that exercise is a burden and no matter how much they try, staying consistent with their workout program becomes challenging.

We’ve all been in a situation where we have become envious of people who train every day no matter what. It’s not uncommon — according to science, there is an endorphin rush that a person feels while working out that can make you addicted to the feeling. But for ‘normal’ people, your body is not used to the training routine, and consistency becomes a challenge. Most psychologists agree that maintaining motivation is one of the most important keys to reaching your fitness goal. This applies to daily life tasks AND workouts – you need the motivation to get sh*t DONE!

If you are not losing weight, it is likely that your goals are not well-defined and your process needs help. Or even if you know what you’re doing, maybe you just need some outside motivation and accountability.

personal trainer motivation

For a beginner, making a realistic goal, putting together an exercise and nutrition plan to get there, and maintaining the motivation to stay on track is almost impossible without the assistance of a professional. If you are torn between the idea of hiring a personal trainer or trying to do it all on your own, here are some reasons why you need a personal trainer:

Why a personal trainer is important

A personal trainer keeps you motivated

If you start missing workouts because you’re making excuses not to go to the gym, you need to get a trainer. We know motivation often doesn’t last long on your own, so many people are now opting for personal trainers to boost their motivation.

There’s no substitute for accountability when it comes to staying on track with your workout program and your nutrition program!

A personal trainer tracks your progress

Another way to keep your exercise motivation high is to track your progress. When you see your waistline shrinking, your muscles firming, your strength increasing, and your physical conditioning going through the roof, you’re going to stay motivated! Without tracking these variables, you won’t know if you’re progressing or not, and motivation wanes.

A personal trainer customizes your workout

If you are trying to work out on your own without the help of a personal trainer, you will be stuck with the same workout (or left at the mercy of whatever some YouTube clown tells you to do). However, if you have the right workout routines for your specific capabilities and goals, you’re going to continue to make forward progress towards your goals – and you’ll feel great while you’re doing it!

why personal training is important

Why People Don’t Want to Hire Personal Trainers

Some people say that they feel uncomfortable with working out in front of others. Some are concerned about the cost of a personal trainer. All in all, we are living in a world where people are torn between investing money for better results or struggling with everything on their own. After careful analysis, here are two main reasons why people are reluctant to hire a personal trainer:

Limited budget for training

One of the biggest reasons most people do not want to hire a personal trainer is because of the cost. Many personal training gyms require contracts and packages which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars up front. Good news – Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition does NOT have any packages or contracts. You can just pay as you go. One or two half-hour workouts per week are quite affordable compared to the average personal training package. Plus, you’ll get a way better trainer 🙂

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on sportswear and fitness apparel either. Anything comfortable – shorts, tee-shirts, tanktops, yoga pants, whatever you want to wear – is fine to exercise in.

Being embarrassed

Working out at home can become a comfortable safe zone for some people. Nothing wrong with that, we totally understand that some people don’t feel comfortable working out under close observation. The downside to that is that without professional exercise instruction, there’s no guarantee that you’re performing the exercises correctly. This is why we offer both online and in-home service to those who do not feel comfortable working out with their trainer in a gym.