When to hire a personal trainer

It’s common for people to hire a personal trainer to help them lose weight, get stronger, improve fitness and health, and develop healthier lifestyle habits. BUT, a personal trainer is not for everyone!

You should only hire a professional trainer if:

1. If You’re New To Structured Exercise

Exercise can be complicated. You need to know:

  • What exercises to do
  • How often you should work out
  • How to avoid injuring yourself
  • How hard you should be training
  • If you have a complete or incomplete workout routine

when to hire a personal trainer

For a beginner, all this can be a challenge. But hiring a trainer will take the guesswork out of things. Your coach will design a program according to your specific goals, and they will work within your limitations to make sure you’re doing everything right — the first time! Once you’re comfortable doing things on your own, you can either retain them for check-ins, or you can cut them loose.

2. You’re Bored With Your Current Exercise Program

Doing the same training routine over and over again can get boring, which is NOT the way to stay motivated to exercise each week. Hiring a personal trainer will prevent boredom by changing up your routine and giving you different challenges during each session. This variety can help you break through plateaus, and give you a fresh take on what exercise can be.

3. You’ve Stopped Seeing Results From Your Workout

If you’ve been exercising for quite some time, then you know how common it is to hit a plateau and stop seeing results. A knowledgeable trainer will evaluate your workout, and advise you on things that need to be changed to get you over the hump. Plus, each session will be different, which could jumpstart your results again.

4. You’re Looking For New Challenges

Maybe you want to walk a half-marathon, or hike part of the Appalachian Trail, or just be able to golf 18 holes without back pain. Whatever the challenge is, a trainer can help get you there. Your trainer will build the appropriate exercise program to prepare you for the physical challenges you want to undertake. They will design the right progressions to help you get ready for the big day.

5. You Need Motivation

Being consistent with exercise and nutrition can be a HUGE challenge — especially with everything else going on in your life. But a trainer will provide the motivation you need to stick with your exercise schedule. Your nutrition coach is all about helping you stay consistent with healthier eating habits.

Accountability is one of the big benefits you get from professional coaching!

So if you’re not sure if a personal trainer is right for you, then these 5 reasons can push you in the right direction. A trainer takes the time to evaluate your program, makes the right adjustment and changes, and helps you through life’s roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your goals.

When To Hire A Personal Trainer

So, if you’re:

  • A beginner,
  • Bored with your current exercise routine,
  • Stalled with results,
  • Have your eyes on a new challenge, or
  • Need motivation to stay consistent

then hiring a personal trainer should be your first step to stay on the right path!

Just drop us a note, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to talk over options for professional fitness and nutrition coaching. We operate out of multiple training facilities in Nashville, or virtual training anywhere in the world!