Reaching Weight Loss And Health Goals

Having weight loss and health goals is great! But having goals is different than actually reaching them. There is one big problem with a lot of people’s weight loss and health goals:

They’re WAY too vague.

“I want to get healthy.”

“I need to make time for me.”

Nice ideas, but NO time frame and NO specifics means NO strategy and NO accountability….and NO results.

Reaching Weight Loss and Health Goals

Here’s your one tip to make your health goals actually happen:


Example of a nebulous health goal: “I want to get healthy.”

More specific health goals:
“I want my blood pressure to be X”
“I want to drop two pants sizes by Christmas.”
“I want to establish the habits of veggies and 3 weekly workouts.”

Example: “I want to make time for me.”

More specific:
“I want 4 hours set aside every week for my health. 3 hours will be spent working out with my personal trainer, and 1 hour will be spent planning the week and getting outside.”

Take that one big weight loss or other health goal that you want to work towards, then dial it in to your next specific goal.

Reaching Health Goals With The Sweet Spot

So much of life can be a struggle for balance. Too much of this, not enough of that, always striving and battling to make our way.

I think the solution is to find our sweet spots.

The right amount of connecting with other people, vs alone time.

The balance between work attention and non-work attention.

The amount of exercise that’s right for you.

Enough healthy food with some treats mixed in.

Enough rest and sleep to be rejuvenated.

The right amount of self-awareness, without becoming obsessed or too self-absorbed.

So many times when we try to make changes, we swing the pendulum too far.

Aim for the sweet spots, that’s the beautiful field where health and happiness meet 🙂

Why Don’t We Reach Our Weight Loss Goals?

Because the glue on our butts is mighty.

Inertia rules.

It’s hard to get moving and act differently.

We’re already well into our personal journeys by now…having begun and begun again and shifted in some major ways many times.

We’ve all had life changes — that’s how we know it’s hard!

But for inspiration and motivation, let’s turn to Sir Issac Newton and the definition of inertia:


*clears throat professorially*

Inertia is the inherent property of a body that makes it oppose any force that would cause a change in its motion.

Basically, things tend to keep on as they are unless a change is forced – whether by circumstance or by choice.


reaching weight loss and health goals

A body at rest stays at rest — until acted upon by a force.


A body in motion STAYS in motion.

Inertia works in our favor too!

Once you do SOMETHING, it’s far easier to keep doing that.

One walk after dinner.

One workout with your personal trainer.

One planned healthy lunch.

Get ONE, and another is SO much easier!

Inertia rules.

What’s it doing to YOU? Is inertia keeping you sedentary, without exercise and without healthy food?

Or is inertia pushing you along in the right direction?

We all need a push.

And if you’re not yet cruising along in the right direction with your dream coach, just send us a message and we’ll set a time to talk about your first NUDGE to overcome the butt glue.

Because nothing moves without a push!

Your Push To Reach Your Weight Loss And Health Goals

Our personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and health coaches specialize in helping you reach your weight loss and health goals.

First, we’ll talk about what those weight loss and health goals actually are. And we’ll get specific (see above) so that we know where we’re aiming.

THEN it’s time to start strategizing with your coach on ways to start reaching those health and weight loss goals.

We like to start with the easy stuff that moves the needle a lot:

  • Journaling what you eat.
  • Shopping for healthy food.
  • Drinking water.
  • Doing a couple workouts each week.

The reason the basics are the basics is that 1) they work, and 2) they’re not too difficult. You get a BIG return for a relatively small lifestyle adjustment.

That’s how you start reaching your weight loss and health goals! Have a look at our certified coaches and see what you’ve been missing. We work with training and nutrition clients in person in Nashville, or online anywhere in the world.