ways to get fit outside the gymIf you’re starting to feel restless from spending too much time indoors, there are ways to get fit outside the gym. Exercise outside! Nice weather is the perfect opportunity for you to start exploring some outdoor activities to get your heart pumping, and to flex those muscles you’ve been working so hard on at the gym. Here are some alternative outdoor exercise suggestions to help stimulate your mind and keep your body in tip-top condition.


skating for exercise

Skating has experienced a huge resurgence in the past few years, and it’s not only for children or teenagers. Just take a look at the beaches at the West Coast — those adult skaters have some of the leanest physiques out there! Skating can be one of the best ways to exercise outside the gym. This is because skating not only uses the muscles in your legs, but also gives your core muscles a workout as you keep your balance! Each hour of skating can burn 350 calories. Try joining a roller derby team for some seriously fun exercise.



scooter for exerciseScootering is fast becoming a new way for people to commute short distances while gaining the benefits of exercise at the same time. It is also often considered to be more beneficial than jogging for those with knee problems, since there is no impact on your joints. Low-impact exercise like scootering prevents your knees from repetitively jarring on hard ground. Scootering is a great alternative to walking when you’re out exploring new towns and cities. Cruising around on a stylish scooter will not only help get to your destination faster, but also give you the enjoyment of exercising in style!

Rock Climbing

rock climbing in nashvilleFor those who love extreme outdoor physical challenges, look no further. Rock climbing not only improves your core strength and grip strength, but is also a very effective form of cardiovascular exercise. Climbing is great muscle builder, and can help lead to a naturally fit and lean physique. Rock climbing is also a fantastic way of discovering the stunning views nature has to offer. Following a climb and the scenery at the top of a cliff, you will be left feeling revitalised and looking forward to your next climbing trip.

As you can see, there is a huge range of ways to get fit outside the gym, regardless of your physical ability. Try out some of these fitness ideas this summer. Choosing to venture out into the great outdoors is an excellent way to stay in shape while keeping your mind healthy, too!