Top Tips To Make Treadmill Workouts More Fun

How To Make Treadmill Workouts Fun

Let’s face it, running on the same spot without going anywhere doesn’t sound like the most enticing way to spend countless minutes and hours. However, that’s what many of us do each week in order to keep fit, lose weight and stay toned on the dreaded yet forever popular treadmill.

If you’re struggling to find the enthusiasm to give it a go or are an experienced treadmill user losing your interest in the apparatus, here are the top tips to make treadmill workouts more fun:

Treadmill Russian Roulette

Sticking to the same pace and routine is just one way using a treadmill can become dull, but having the willpower to mix up your speed can also seem difficult. One way to combat this is to play a little game, similar to Russian roulette but far less deadly (depending what you write on the cards).

On four pieces of paper write run, run fast, jog and walk. Shuffle the cards, warm up and then pick one to stick with for five or more minutes. This adds surprise and variety to your workout and can be expanded with further cards such as time limits, sprint or non-treadmill exercises included.

Doing treadmill workouts backwards

A great way to exercise your muscles and mind that would otherwise be largely ignored on a treadmill is to run or walk backwards. Sometimes referred to as ‘retro’, walking or running backwards (having a handrail to hold onto is advised when going faster) requires more concentration, thus improving reflexes.

As well as preventing boredom this method increases blood circulation and has been shown to increase heart rates when going backwards even at the same pace as going forwards. This means more calories will be burnt in a shorter amount of time, meaning less time spent on the treadmill in total. Running backwards uses around 30% more energy than when going forwards too.

treadmill workouts fun

Setting goals for your treadmill workouts

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is by having a goal to aim for. To add further incentive to step on a treadmill include a special reward if you reach it. The goal could be something as simple as losing 10kg or improving your speed to complete a mile in less than five minutes.

Whatever the goal and your chosen reward, treating treadmill time in the same way as climbing a mountain helps you track progress and adds a bit of excitement knowing there’s something worthwhile at the end.