Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

Encouraging good children’s nutrition can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help teach your kids to eat healthy:

Get Them Involved

Next time you have your children at the grocery store, ask each one to select two or three favorite vegetables to include at dinner. Kids are more likely to eat foods they’ve chosen themselves.

Teach Them Where Good Food Comes From

Take them to a Farmer’s Market and talk to some local farmers about how they produce food. (You should find out for yourself too!) If you can visit a local farm, even better!

Plant a windowsill vegetable or herb garden. The children can watch the food grow and harvest it themselves.

Chop Chop!

Invite your child to help stir and chop ingredients while you make meals.


Talk with your kids about professional athletes or other fit celebrities they admire. Point out that in order to be successful, “these people take really good care of themselves and make sure they eat right and exercise every day.”

Walk the Talk

YOU are the biggest influence on your child’s outlook and behavior. They will basically do what you do, so if you’re not setting a good example, you cannot expect them to do something different.