Help Dad Lose the Gut!

Father’s Day Personal Training Special!

Fat man weighing

Do you know this man?

Help us help Dad — give the gift of professional help with exercise and nutrition with personal training for Father’s Day!

You know he needs help. And you know he won’t ask for it.

Your gift certificate can help him with:

      • Professional exercise programming

      • Nutrition planning

      • Physical therapy or post-injury help with chronic aches and pains

      • Stretching and flexibility

      • Specific exercises for golf or tennis (or any other hobby except drinking…)

personal training gift certificate

A perfect gift for those who have been looking for the motivation to make positive changes in their lives.

Gift certificates are available in $100 increments, and can be used for personal training, physical therapy, boot camp classes, nutrition counseling, or any exercise or nutrition products.


A $100 gift certificate costs $100, as usual (select $100 value below).

$300 worth of gift certificates only costs $200! (select $200 value below)

$500 worth of gift certificates for only $300! (select $300 vaule below)

and if you select the $500 value below, we will send you TEN $100 gift certificates!

Gift certificates can be used at any of our locations in Nashville,

Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch, or for in-home appointments.

Your gift certificates will be mailed to whatever address you enter

on the payment page, unless you tell us otherwise.

Feel free to call Dan DeFigio at 615-386-0434 if you have questions.

Select your package: