Getting Fit During Winter

getting fit during winter

Getting fit during winter is hard, since holiday traditions, bad weather, and festive celebrations lend themselves towards gaining weight than losing it. Britain has been unflatteringly labelled as “the fat man” of Europe in a recent report. While childhood and adult obesity have been recurring issues in British society for more than a decade, it is now reaching epidemic proportions with a staggering 26% of boys and 29% of girls categorized as being either overweight or obese. British girls are reportedly the fattest in Europe, topping a table that consists of 22 countries.

Getting fit during winter

Cold weather seems to be a particularly strong deterrent to exercise, as there seems to be a psychological trigger that prevents people without gym memberships from exercising outdoors during the winter. This is a key issue that affects the current health statistics, since keeping fit must be an all-year pursuit if you are to maintain a healthy physique and body weight.

With this in mind, NOW is the ideal time to change your perceptions and move towards a more positive body image. You can start by maintaining any outdoor fitness routines that you may have followed during the summer, making sure that you wrap up warm and dress appropriately to sustain a safe body temperature while exercising. Whether this involves walking, jogging or cycling, all that is required is a simple change of outlook and a willingness to embrace less-favorable weather conditions. Read these tips for running in cold weather.

For aspiring fitness enthusiasts this winter

If you are not already involved in regular fitness activities, now is the ideal time to start. Christmas is also a time of gift exchanging, so you can use this as an opportunity to request fitness equipment and accessories from reputable sites such as Fat Birds. Whether you invest in an all-terrain bicycle or brand new running shoes, these accessories will add value and help you to pursue higher level of fitness.

Beyond this, the main change needs to revolve around your attitude and approach to fitness. Health needs to be a lifestyle choice rather than a fad, and you can only think this way if you are dedicated to maintaining a positive level of fitness throughout the year. This way, you can still enjoy the excesses of the festive period without becoming self-conscious about your health or prevailing body type.