Personal trainer Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch.

Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition delivers the very best in personal training, exercise classes, and nutrition counseling.  We create successful, safe, and fun workout programs to fit each individual. Our personal trainers specialize in helping people lose weight, tone up, and improve their health with functional fitness and healthy nutrition.


Personal Training

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One-on-one personal training if you wish, or you can bring a friend or family member for buddy workouts.


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Nutrition counseling in person, or online. Diet plans for weight loss, osteoporosis, diabetes, and more!


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Personal training and group exercise classes in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch — in a gym, or in your home!

Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition offers the very best in personal training, nutrition counseling, exercise classes, and physical therapy for all fitness levels. We work with everyone from overweight couch potatoes to celebrities. Our personal trainers in Nashville will work with you to lose weight, improve muscle tone and strength, improve your flexibility, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and help get you in the best shape of your life! Telephone Dan DeFigio, Director, for details at 615-386-0434, or click on the “Request Information” button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Our certified personal trainers are members of The American Council on Exercise, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Federation of Professional Trainers, the ISSA, and other internationally-respected exercise organizations. Personal trainer Nashville.

Since 1993, this personal training company has been dedicated to providing safe and effective health and fitness services to our clients. We are committed to providing the very best fitness services available by utilizing the most current techniques and research in fitness and exercise science, sports medicine, and nutrition science. We guarantee that your exercise experience with our trainers will be better than any you have ever had!

We offer a vast range of options, so we can almost always suit your needs and your budget. Our personal trainers can work with you at many different locations in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch, or in your home. No gym membership is required!